rsync to remote location with gui-plugin

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    • rsync to remote location with gui-plugin


      i`m using the rsync gui plugin to sync a folder to a Buffalo Linkstation.

      rsync works flawless (all files sycned correctly)

      but my issue:
      -on the remote location (buffalo) i cannot change/delete this files/folders anymore
      -seems that the files sycned with rsync still have premissions from my OMV server (and even the admin user from linkstation can not change them)

      I have done the same job with synology and the files sycned with rsync receive 775 (RWX for all users)

      How can i achieve this easly?

      Regards & thx in advance
    • This depend if you can add options to the rsync module in the Buffalo Workstation.

      For example a module in my OMV i can add this extra options

      incoming chmod = Dug+rwx,Do+rx,Fug+rw,Fo+r,Fugo-x

      That would make incoming data directories 775 and files 664, the last one Fugo-x takes aways execution bit in case a files comes from origin with execution bit.

      The documentation is in man rsync the --chmod section and incoming chmod of rsync.

      I haven't try in outgoing so maybe you can set up a module in OMV, and execute a rsync pull from the Buffalo WS.

      Hope this works for you
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    • hello,
      i always used the admin user of the buffelo station for rsync and smb.

      if i use rsync to conntect to the buffelo station the file permissions of my omv-station gets transfered to the buffelo station and thats why admin can't delete any files.
      But if i in addition to rsync use remote-fs plugin to connect via smb to the buffelo station file permission does not get transfered and i can delete / edit files.