SMB2 on Windows and OSX

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    • SMB2 on Windows and OSX

      For a while now, I've found the performance of Samba when being browsed by a OSX client to be really painful. For example, when opening a network folder on my macbook, it can take several seconds to get a directory listing. Whereas, on Windows it's pretty close to instantaneous. A number of online forums suggest the issue is with OSX Mavericks and SMB1, so it's recommended to push samba to use SMB2. So I added the follow;

      min protocol = SMB2

      ... to my config. I suddenly found a HUGE leap in performance on my Macbook. Only problem is that my Windows 7 desktop can't access anything. I was under the impression that W7 supports SMB2?? If I change the setting to;

      max protocol = SMB2

      ... Windows starts working again. But I seem to lose the performance gain on my Macbook.

      Am I missing something?
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    • So I played around a bit over the weekend, and here are a couple of combinations;

      1. Set min protocol = SMB2 -- works on my macbook (Yosemite), fails on Windows 7, and fails on OpenELEC
      2. Set max protocol = SMB2 -- works on my macbook (Yosemite), fails on Windows 10 (preview)... didn't try it on OpenELEC
      3. Leave the setting blank -- works on everything, but macbook (Yosemite) is painfully slow

      In the case of Windows, I rebooted to ensure the existing sessions weren't being cached.

      I'm not really sure what to do now. Samba performance on OSX isn't disastrously bad when transferring files. But directory listings are pretty slow and painful.