VirtualBox unregister inaccessible vms

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    • VirtualBox unregister inaccessible vms

      1)In command line switch to vbox user:

      Source Code

      1. ​su - vbox

      2)Then follow these instructions:
      You can use the command line VBoxManage tool to remove inaccessible VMs. To get a list of VMs run:

      Source Code

      1. VBoxManage list vms​

      The inaccessible ones will show up similar to:

      "<inaccessible>" {52a91e62-096d-4f8b-96f4-5fa76db3cd76}
      Now you use the GUID in the unregister command:

      Source Code

      1. VBoxManage unregistervm {52a91e62-096d-4f8b-96f4-5fa76db3cd76}​

    • I had a machine shutdown abnormally. In the VirtualBox UI the machine no longer showed. I tried to add it back. Then I was getting a message like this, "Trying to open a VM config ************* which has the same UUID as an existing virtual machine."

      I changed to the vbox user and listed the virtual machines. The one that had been running with the abnormal shutdown said inaccessible instead of the name. I unregistered it via the above instructions. After unregistering it I tried to add the vm back and I was getting message "Could not find an open hard disk with UUID ******** So then I added the vdi files (virtual disks from the vm in question) back in the Virtual Media Manage in the Virtualbox UI. The vm then showed again and I was able to start it.

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