SFTP can only connect as root... no other user..

    • OMV 1.0
    • SFTP can only connect as root... no other user..


      I am testing with OMV and I really like the program!
      That being said, here is my issue:

      I am testing with the FTP service and SSH.
      I have activated the FTP service and changed the default port to 2222
      I have activated the SSH service.
      I created a user of ftp1 and assigned a password.
      I opened the port on my firewall.

      I can connect to the FTP server on OMV if I use the user root.
      It will display a directory listing and I can R/W to the directory. However, if I try to connect to the FTP server using the user ftp1 - the connection fails. "Could Not Connect to Server"
      Permissions on shared folders are R/W
      I am new to setting up sFTP so... any input would be helpful and appreciated.

      OMV 1.9
      Thank you for helping.
    • ok ... got the connection to work ...thank you!!!

      Next question... When I connect I get to the root directory... I obviously dont want that :)...

      I have under the FTP tab, shares, I have a directory called "files" that is shared..I need the FTP connection to default into that directory... any ideas how to get that to happen?
      Thank you for your help... it is appreciated very much!