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  • charsi -

    Hi votdev,
    I signed up for an account couple of days ago but still not able to post any comments on the forum.
    Am still in queue for activation?

  • ronanm -

    Hi ! Could you just add a permission for non approved people to see pictures in any thread because I have to finish a project in no time and don't have the time to wait for an approval.. Thanks !

    • votdev -

      No, we won't because this will allow non approved users to post spam.

  • semitones -

    Hi votdev! I don't know where to turn here. I created a forum account today to start making posts and commenting on threads. However, I don't have the ability to make posts, or comment. Do I need to wait to gain access?

  • ANACKY99 -

    hi ive been using OMV for a good while now and have several units for testing and experimenting but was wondering whats the best disk format to use for storage ive used nfts for my bulk storage as didn't want to loose the data i already had but i will be changing it shortly but unsure on the best format for OMV im aware the OS drive is EXT4 Should I use this format for all my drives? advice would be greatly welcomed and appreciated

    • votdev -

      You should use a nativ Linux like Ext4, XFS, ..., but i can not tell you which you should use. Please read some howtos to help you to decide.

    • ANACKY99 -

      thank you ive gone with ext4 as ive used it before and too much conflicting advice online about the different file systems

  • luxflow -

    I saw commit log, github.com/openmediavault/open…6b96f3abbc99ec9e1586405a4
    also I saw vargrant file that uses debian stretch
    as I know OMV 3.x is in beta stage, are you planning to skip OMV 3 version and release OMV 4 with debian stretch?
    I'm curious about your plan

    many thanks

    • votdev -

      No, the development for OMV4 will be slow down after the SUSE Hack Week because Debian Stretch has still some bugs. Final goal is to release OMV3 soon.

  • mudkic -

    I wish to say thank you, I have enjoyed the process of learning how to setup and config the OMV. I really cant remember when I had so much fun again thanks
    ps I am a lay person in this area but willing to help out

  • bigvaloon -

    Hello votdev,
    i'm interested in joining /authenticate users to a W2012R2 ActiveDirectory, but i'm not able to get this link: forum.openmediavault.org/index…-Directory-Domain-V2-pdf/

    Can you help?
    Thank you

  • gderf -

    I saw the Guide to "Upgrade to OMV 2.x" Is it possible to upgrade OMV 2.2.8 to 3.x and if so is there a Guide or post that describes the process? I searched but didn't find. Thanks!

  • raychaudhuri_amitava -

    Can you please add support for mounting of devices which donot have UUID assigned through OMV web UI. This will help us to create scsi targets using DVD / CDDrives.