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  • icekill -

    Hi Volker.
    We're using OMV for 1 year now and it's working fine.
    I was asked last week to join it to our AD in order to have the LDAP authentication (we use local users until now).
    I have tried a lot of tutorials found on the net with samba, winbind, kerberos... none worked and now, I'm really depressed.
    I have installed OMV 3 and tried the tutorials found on the forum, event the patch from Donh but the result is always the same.
    As it's for my work, would it be possible to to get an offer from you in order to make this authentication work please?
    I have pushed my boss one year ago to migrate the file server from our domain controller to OMV and now, I'm affraid to tell him that we have to roll back because we have an authentication issue.
    Thanks a lot.