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  • Thoughtfission -

    HI tkaiser. Were the files you asked for of any help with regard to my problem? Thanks!

  • trey.merkley -

    Hey boss, I have a request for you. Can you explain to me or in a guide how to set up a modern, data protecting btrfs multi-disk system, preferably from the web console? I just got my stuff backed up but I want to make sure I'm doing it right, and you seem to know pretty well.

  • George -

    Any idea, as a new member, how I can actually make a post to get help?

  • merciful_74 -

    Also ist das gar kein Forum für deutschsprachige User !? Wei das Frontend ja in deutsch ist. Ich gehe sonst auch zum Banana PI Forum. Sollte man hier nur Englisch sprechen / schreiben.
    Danke !

  • niyastpgdi -

    Hello tkaiser

    Please advise me for my issue...

  • amfeehan -

    Hello, I am currently using a slightly handicapped version of openmediavault with a plex media server running. I have had success in getting the open media vault up and running and sharing my files to the network. My complication comes with plex and finding my media. I have no idea how but I managed to get plex to connect to my external 5tb drive. I got it to be able to see a file I have labeled "Movies" inside of this external drive. What is escaping me is being able to add my "Music" folder in the same manner. I have from what I can tell all the same settings on the "Music" folder as I have on the "Movie" folder. When I go into plex and try to add it I do not see a Music folder in my options. I see my Movies folder. It just seems really weird that I can get it to share and see my Movies folder but I cannot get it to see the Music folder. I guess a good place to start would be to know what exactly has to be in place for or setup on open media vault for plex to see a shared folder. The Movie and the Music folders are on the same external hard drive which is why this has be so baffled.

  • tllim -

    Hi TKasier, I have already left a message for Nasnas regarding his shipping info.