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  • kmal808 -

    Wanted to pop in say your videos are great and keep them coming. You're definitely doing the omv communtiy a lot of good by putting these videos out. Props.

  • flmaxey -

    I appreciate what you're doing on the forum. A lot of users are visual learners and your Vid's are perfect for them. They (your videos) go a long way toward getting new users started and facilitate learning in general.


    • TechnoDadLife -

      Thanks! Glad to help. I just try to make the videos I wish I had! I am glad they help other people and the community!

  • raulfg3 -

    I need some help with letsencrypt docker, in fact with nginx config to use the docker,

    can you help me ?

    thanks in advanced.

    My freeze post:…?postID=175827#post175827

    • TechnoDadLife -

      Hi raulfg3,
      Sorry, I haven't played with that yet, but I would say is to keep everything as stock as possible first. Don't change ports on omv. Instead change your docker ports like Heimdall to start. It will make it much easier to follow along and trouble shoot.
      I think why you haven't gotten any response to your post, because you are doing things differently than everyone else. Just a guess.

    • TechnoDadLife -

      Give me two weeks. I should have a letsencrypt video.

  • Roosey -

    thanks for the videos they are a great help!