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  • macom -

    Can't reply to your post regarding OMV5. Have a look here:…?postID=190302#post190302

  • dcaseyb -

    Thanks tons for the videos! They have been very helpful. I know you spend a ton of time on them and I just want to let you know how much they are appreciated.

    Have a great day!

  • razvanrudy -

    Hi. First I want to say a big thank you for all your work on helping setting the OMV. It was verry easy to install and setup my OMV server with your videos. Second I need some help because I run in some problem mostly related to VPN part and I was wondering if I can get some help from you. Tried on the forum but the answers are not helping me to much. What will be the best way to contact you and have some guidance? Regards Razvan

  • Bonecracker -

    Hey, first of all: thank you for your great Videos. I'm not new to Linux but it's my first time with webserver, nas and omv and they helped a lot.
    But I can't get a nginx config to work after following your Letsencrypt tutorial. maybe you've seen my thread…ypt-Nxinx-Redirect-Error/ and maybe you have an idea how to fix this. Thank you anyway :)

  • tr3bjockey -

    I just watched your video last night while installing OMV. First time installing something other than a microsoft OS. I was scared but your video walked me through with no issues. Good Job!

  • Scarface -

    Thank you very much for all the excellent stuff. I need a Video hot to install SVN via Docker on OMV4. Can you help me?

  • Stetofou -

    thank you so much for all your great videos. very didactic for a beginner like me.
    Just a quick question: in the video to install Nextcloud in docker at a time (6mn 41) you write "mysql -uroot -p" while everywhere I see "-u root -p". Is there a difference? because it seems to work for you, but I would not want to make a mistake.
    Thank you for your reply
    sorry for my english ..... all right from Google ;o)

  • raulfg3 -

    If you want to try I suggest to use svenihoney/wetty :

    because is recent, use only 50MB and can define SSH port ( in my case I change default SSH port to difficult attacks).

  • raulfg3 -

    I want to suggest wetty as sustitute for shellinabox the you use in your videos to access to shell, because in next version of OMV , use of dockers are preferable over plugings.

    more info on:

    • TechnoDadLife -

      Sounds good to me. You should suggest that in the forums for the developers to look at.

    • raulfg3 -

      Do you try it?

    • TechnoDadLife -

      It looks like only a terminal for docker. I don't think it accesses local files. You would have to install it into the system to use for OMV work.

    • TechnoDadLife -

      It is a terminal emulator.

    • raulfg3 -

      NO is like shellinabox, a way to access to your shell from chrome or firefox.

      You need to configure:

      REMOTE_SSH_SERVER = The realIp of your NAS
      REMOTE_SSH_PORT = The port used by SSH ( I change default to other to be a little secure)
      REMOTE_SSH_USER = root to use root privileges,,

      and wetty ask for a password when connected to DockerHostIP:3000

      please test:

      PD:YES other wetty dockers are only terminal emulators , but this can access to your real files on the NAS Base Filesystem.

  • kmal808 -

    Wanted to pop in say your videos are great and keep them coming. You're definitely doing the omv communtiy a lot of good by putting these videos out. Props.

  • flmaxey -

    I appreciate what you're doing on the forum. A lot of users are visual learners and your Vid's are perfect for them. They (your videos) go a long way toward getting new users started and facilitate learning in general.


    • TechnoDadLife -

      Thanks! Glad to help. I just try to make the videos I wish I had! I am glad they help other people and the community!

  • raulfg3 -

    I need some help with letsencrypt docker, in fact with nginx config to use the docker,

    can you help me ?

    thanks in advanced.

    My freeze post:…?postID=175827#post175827

    • TechnoDadLife -

      Hi raulfg3,
      Sorry, I haven't played with that yet, but I would say is to keep everything as stock as possible first. Don't change ports on omv. Instead change your docker ports like Heimdall to start. It will make it much easier to follow along and trouble shoot.
      I think why you haven't gotten any response to your post, because you are doing things differently than everyone else. Just a guess.

    • TechnoDadLife -

      Give me two weeks. I should have a letsencrypt video.

  • Roosey -

    thanks for the videos they are a great help!