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  • newbieHC1HC2 -

    Thx Macom!!!! Got it installed and on network. Can see it by Router. Cannot see it by other computers. I went by a video, step by step. Computers can see each other. THen I went back to login as ADMIN. I created so many users/passwords. I FORGOT ADMIN PASSWORD! Is there a hidden over ride to get back in to OMV as ADMIN? OR IS THIS A WIPE/ REINSTALL OMV AND REDO (BUT FIND OUT WHY OTHER COMPUTERS CANNOT SEE ME ON NETWORK.)

    Please respond. I am at your mercy. good thing is disability keeps me up at night. so I play with it a long time. my email is if you want to send message that way also.

  • macom -

    sudo du -BM -d1 -x | sort -n

  • macom -

    from flmaxey:
    Looking for SMART Stat's? DO apt-get install curl on the command line first.
    Then on the CLI type:
    for disk in /dev/sd? ; do smartctl -x $disk ; done | curl -F 'sprunge=<-'
    (replace "?" with the letter for your disk)
    The above line returns a URL. Copy and past the URL into the address bar on a Web browser.

  • macom -

    Installation of OMV on any debian version (from tkaiser)…?postID=159493#post159493

  • flmaxey -

    I think you're doing good things on the forum. Thanks.

    • macom -

      Thanks flmaxey. For sure I would make the same statement about your contributions.
      When I started to look into NAS software (freenas, nas4free, OMV) I found a lot of comments regarding OMV having a very supportive and responsive community. Starting to read this forum I understood these comments. So now I am trying to help other users as good as I can. As you might have noticed I am by no means a linux expert. I try to answer only to those questions where I feel confident, but I have to admit, that my judgement sometimes is wrong. So, still a lot of learning ahead....
      Thanks You!!!