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    nachdem ich jetzt einige Zeit mit openmediavault experimentiert habe, wollte ich jetzt noch autoshutdown in Betrieb nehmen. Aber es wird nicht zur Installation angeboten. Installiert ist ein Debian 9.x auf einem x86 System...also kein ARM auf dem es autoshutdown ja wohl nicht gibt.

    Vermutlich bin ich irgendwo falsch abgebogen, aber ich finde es nicht.

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    I've been using the 'official' OMV for Raspberry pi 4 for the past 2 weeks and came across no problems and everything was working fine. However, from the past 2 days i'm having problems with the server. Every time i ssh to the device it connects for 2 seconds and then disconnects. Then when i attempt to re-connect it says connection refused. I've re-installed the same version of OMV that @tkaiser released but every single time i boot back on and ssh to it it just disconnects. Is this a fault with the version or is it something else???? There is also a problem with the web gui. It won't let me even go to the web gui so i can't do anything with it???


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    My project is a NAS build around specific case repurposed from older equipment. I am adapting the case to house 3x 3.5" HDDs and 1x SATA SSD (I have access to both m.2 and mSATA drives so will probably use this combo adapter to be able to use either) while keeping external looks completely intact, the only giveaway will be couple slightly different ports on the back of the case.

    Earlier I was advised that RK3399 boards should be acceptable for my applications, so that's what I'm looking into. RockPro64 looked easiest and cheapest to adapt to my project thanks to full-size pcie slot but being too big physically makes it unusable. So, I'm left with choice between NanoPi M4 & RockPi4.

    I am very limited height-wise, so mounting NanoPi M4 SATA hat directly is not an option. m.2 to SATA adapter proposed for RockPi4 is nice but overly expensive in my opinion, if it was facing other side I would consider it but as things are I will be mounting the SBC heatsink down - board up, in…
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    Hey fellows,
    I wonder if it's time to buy an RPi 4.
    Runing an old Banana Pi M1 for ages (since 2014) and it offers enough power for me.

    As I just upgraded my computer I wonder if a RPi4 would be suiteable to run OMV along Steam Link, so I could move my NAS to another room and use it both, headless as OMV, with connected FullHD projector to stream games any play them with a wireless XBox 360 gamepad.

    Any idea if there's any stable OVM for RPi4, soon?
    Will I get performance issues?
    Planning to buy the 4GB version and running it over ethernet (no wifi!).

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