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HHD expansion PCIe card



How can I tune monitoring/notifications?



Pihole Web interface doesn't load anymore



Email Notification dont work with gmail



NEWBIE question anyone patient...



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  • cabrio_leo -

    Replied to the thread HHD expansion PCIe card.

    If you want to connect this number of disks using a host bus adapter (HBA) card flashed to IT mode may be a better suited solution. e.g. a DELL PERC H200 or a LSI HBA card. Dell R710 NAS and Media server - PERC H700
  • volvo64 -

    Replied to the thread OMV 5.x (beta) How can I tune monitoring/notifications?.

    Quote from votdev: “What do you mean with tune? ” I want to change the notification thresholds so that it triggers alerts at a higher level, or after more time at the current level.
  • hrseldon -

    Replied to the thread OMV 4.x Pihole Web interface doesn't load anymore.

    Ok . Thank you for the reply. Does anybody know what should I change on OWM4? I checked the extras tab and I don't see anything related to kernel choosing. I see "backports " but it ends up in a cycle whether I enable or disable it.
  • Meguinness -

    Posted the thread HHD expansion PCIe card.

    Guys I need a suggestion , I'm building a home Media Nas , will need to add a total of 8 HHDs , what would be the best ... Purchase 1x 8-ports PCIe expansion card or 2x 4 ports PCIe cards. Thanks
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    Hi there! Quote from TechnoDadLife: “Another wireguard gui ” Inspired by this project I was able to install everything on my Openmediavault Raspberry PI server, up and running. Here is my steps. 1. Install Wireguard echo…
  • Alyssiana -

    Replied to the thread Resolved OMV 5.x (beta) Email Notification dont work with gmail.

    Heyy i had the same problem the other day i tried the restart method and it hasn't worked at all i searched a little bit and all they said is that my connection is bad or smth so if found a solution please let me know thanks in advance snaptube
  • Alyssiana -

    Replied to the thread NEWBIE question anyone patient....

    Heyy is your root access disabled ? cuz it may be the problem here, or else i say you should check discard OpenVPN or try Wireguard. Good luck Sarkari Result Pnr Status
  • ette -

    Replied to the thread TimeMachine wie?.

    Langsam entwickelt sich dieser Thread zu einem Spiegel der Suchergebnisse zu diesem Thema. Einerseits Leute, die von Probblemen mit dem TimMachine-Backup auf OMV berichten, vs. Leite die behaupten, dass es sehr einfach einzurichten wäre und auch stabil…
  • liberodark -

    Replied to the thread OMV 4.x Cannot write to NTFS drive on HC2.

    Have HC2 better to use XFS or EXT4 or BTRFS NTFS is not a good filesystem when you buy a Synology or Qnap you don't have NTFS partition. Is use EXT4 a linux system file. Better to use a good system file for your nas. Best Regards