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    Hi all,

    I'm a first time user of OMV, I've downloaded version 4.1.22 and flashed it to a USB drive.

    During installation I get the message "ethernet card not recognized, select driver from list" (along those lines, I didn't write the exact message down)

    I'm using the onboard ehternet port on my motherboard: ASRock H370M pro4. The onboard ethernet is this model "Giga PHY Intel® I219V", I did some googling, this should be driver 1001e from that list. But nothing happens when I select this driver (or any other driver from the list)

    Any idea what's going on?
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    Hi there,

    I found an old thread where someone faced a similar issue but unfortunately all mentioned steps did no solve my problem. As of I log in into OMV webinterface I get "VirtualBox error: rc=0x80070005 The object functionality is limited (0x80070005)".

    As of I run vboxmanage list vms no machines will be displayed. Same command as root is displaying two machines:

    su vbox -c "vboxmanage list vms"
    "Windows10" {97ee9907-ab0d-43fa-bdb5-99b18aa6da32}
    "Ubuntu19.04" {119829dd-4e85-4c97-9fca-b9fc4647c734}

    Unfortunately I don't know how to fix this.
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    Hi all, I have a configuration with 4x4TB WD disks and one of them present some smart error, I opened an RMA and before sending a new one wd asks me to do a low-level format and verify If the error persists ( you can see smart data attached).

    For first step I powered off my OMV box, removed the sata cable and started again OMV with 3 disks, I expected to see my raid configuration working in degraded state but in RAID management I cannot see my RAID configuration and obviously my SMB share dows not works. Reverted the process everything is good and clean.

    How can I do this check? I would like to do It while my RAID configuration continues to work in degraded state, and when I will replace the disk ( with a new one or mine fixed with low-level format ) restore the 4-disks RAID configuration.

    Thank you
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    I did see a similar thread but it never seemed to be resolved.

    Every time I reboot now, all the "Shared Folders" appear empty.

    This is a setup I've been fooling with for a few months, with the intention of putting it into production. It's been rebooted numerous times without issue, but as of today, after updating to 4.1.24-1.and restarting, the shared folders no longer seem to have any files in them on each boot. The files still exist but not when accessed via the sharedfolders path.

    I can't see them if I SSH in as root.
    None of the services can see them - e.g VirtualBox, HDHomeRun.
    I CAN see the files via Samba, but looking at the smb.conf file it appears that the SMB share points directly to the physical path, not the sharedfolders path.

    I have two ZFS mirrors for storage, i can see all the data and files if I go to the pool directly.

    I can "fix" the issue temporarily by adding a new shared folder and applying the config which I assume triggers a process to update the config…

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