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    Hello all,

    I installed plex last night and it was all running well. On connecting to the web interface today, I get this message:

    Unable to connect to <my media> securely
    Its "Secure connections" setting may be set to disabled, or you may need to adjust some settings on your network.
    You can also allow insecure connections now, which will reload the app insecurely.

    There are no options for "Secure Connections" in the web GUI that I can see.

    Can anybody tell me what I need to do to fix this? I am connecting on my LAN, I have no need to connect to this outside of the LAN.

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    So I've enabled notification on my OMV boxes, each set to notify ONLY for file system events. So I have two issues.
    First, one of the boxes actually emails notification when I log on. And the other notifies when space is below 80%.
    Of course, at 80% I still have 2TB free on that system, so I want to adjust that, and I don't need notification when I logon.

    The problem though is that I don't see any way to adjust notifications, just turn them on or off, and I don't even see that for the logon notifications.

    Am I missing something? How can I adjust these?

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    My system has 2 network adapters - onboard realtek (eno1) and pcie dual port intel (enp6s0f0 and enp6s0f1). I use ip on eno1 for WebUI so there is almost no traffic, and I have a an ip camera configured to store video to the ip of enp6s0f0 which transfers about 5Mbs. But graphs in omv performance statistics (and also values shown by saidar) show traffic values the other way round. Report tab shows everything as it should be in network interfaces section, I can also see opened connection from the camera to ip of correct NIC. So - any reason why that may be?

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