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    So I've got an OMV 3.x server that I made out of an old dell PE 840, with 4 2TB drives in the Dell SAS Raid enclosure. Over the weekend a VM that I have on it failed. When i checked it out found tons of 'medium errors' and 'unrecoverable read errors'. I assume it's 'bad blocks' so first and foremost, how do I run a 'scandisk' or something on this to recover what it can?

    Second would be, is there a way to get notified of errors like this? I think if I could have moved this before it got bad I wouldn't be in a pinch now so i figured I'd check for my other systems and future reference...

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    Currently the OMV Duplicati plugin doesn't include any means to customize how the server runs and or add custom variables to the /etc/default/duplicati file that the service uses. from what I've found, this makes the default service more or less useless if you need to add any custom variables. I am not sure how hard this is to add, but having the ability to add extra options, similar to what the SSH plugin does, would be very helpful for more advanced configurations.

    For Reference, this is what that file looks like by default,

    # This is file is generated.
    DAEMON_OPTS="--webservice-port=8300 --webservice-interface="

    And this is what it would look like with a single custom option added.

    # This is file is generated.
    DAEMON_OPTS="--webservice-port=8300 --webservice-interface= --webservice-sslcertificatefile=/usr/lib/duplicati/cert/certificate.pfx"

    So all edits have to be in a single line, unlike the ssh config.…
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    I recently modified 3 of my docker containers do to removal of a users. I did modify my container while they were on and only changed PGID and PUID to my new user. In the docker overview everything seems fine but I cannot access them. I didn't think changing the PGID and PUID would break it. Do I need to reconfigure them all over?

    Here is my docker log file from the sonarr container:

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