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    Title says all- the monitoring defaults are way too ambitious. I'm overloaded with emails about my poor, overburdened RPi 4, but I can't get the emails to stop. I know it's overburdened. It's still running just fine. I'm not going to change anything, and it's going to be overburdened until I get my initial 2.6tb rsync to finish, which will be another week at least.

    I'm comfortable changing config files. How can I get the monitoring to quiet down for a while?
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    I have been installing Plex onto OMV5 and something I don't understand occurred during my folder structure design and setup for SMB folder sharing:

    Notice in picture OMV5_S002: I was expecting to see only my created folders to show up in the PleX_NAS2210 folder. Notice how all the folders are also showing as top level in the tree. Why is that?

    Pictures OMV5_S003 and OMV5_S004 show how I have created the folders.

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    I installed OMV 4 and everything is working(local HDD Shares). The problem is that I really need Remote Mount working.

    First I created a remote mount and rebooted OMV. It is OK. I created a Shared Folder and a SMB share with this folder. When I access the SMB shared it is empty!

    I logged in OMV machine using putty and I can see the remote mount is mounted ok in the srv directory and I can see all the files from my remote mount there!

    When I go the the sharedfolders directory and go to the directory I created for my Shared Folder, it is empty.

    Any tips?
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    Had read pdf, watched several videos + forums, in this regard, still I'm little confused with and how to set a secure folder, but want to aloud some sharing, while I'm the only one who can control the data (the owner), will explain the best to my knowledge.

    After watched a common issues when Creating Shared folders from TechnoDadLife, he stated to aloud everyone when creating the Folder, etc This do work but he also stated, after create the file/folder and is all set or have access, we can tighten the setting to our need, but this doesn't work for me

    After checking ACL, Permission, users vs Groups and the Share format I'm using SMB, I noticed;

    We have the Folder Owner: set as root
    Admin: set for users
    Others: View, aloud or None (whatever I choose) or I understand it should be

    After I created only 1 user = me with Admin, ssl, group + samba with a user password...
    Group: "Family" for now I'm the only person in the Group

    Permission and ACL I had added User (Ralph) + Family…
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    Yes and hello!

    My system needs a upgrade (software wise):
    • 2x Odroid HC
    • armbian (debian 8 eos this year), OMV 3 on microSD
    • luks encrypted ext4 on ssd/hdd
    One of the HC's is the 'master' with a ssd serving the clients. The other HC has a hdd and is receiving rsync jobs and doing a local rsnapshoting.

    Now for me would be best to stick with armbian/debian 10 directly. Then it would be omv 5 which is not yet (officially) released...

    Any idea how my (already) luks encrypted drives will behave with a new installation (beside that it get's mounted when I enter the right passphrase :P )... and also how mad the rights management of the file system would be with me?

    Just wonder what could go wrong or better what would be the easiest path to take ^^

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