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    Apple bonjour is not working properly with OMV5 (its bug?)

    After loading mac os bonjour, the service normally detects the SMB disk and allows it to be viewed normally, but after the MAC enters sleep mode and after wakes up, the SMB disk no longer opens, but i can still access the disk forcibly through the smb://raspberrypi command

    Why is that? ?(

    I want to note in OVM4 Apple bonjour didn't work at all
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    Hey guys,

    After successfully setting up my Raspberry Pi 4B with OMV 4 I cant get my external HDD to spindown with Advanced Power Management..
    I'vre tried different setting on the OMV GUI, with different combinations
    I followed the guide for hd-idle ( it still does not work.
    Most topics reguarding the topic on this forum are not related to USB drives, if I'm not wrong.

    Is there a known issue with USB drives? How do I setup spindown correctly?
    The external drive is a seagate expansion portable 4tb

    I'm a little worried about running the drive 24/7
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    Ok so just recently joined and looking for some help and will appreciate any advice. I recently bought a Raspberry Pi4 4gb and want to set it up with Open Media Vault and want redundancy. I want to hook up a 5 bay DAS to it and was wondering should I go for a DAS with Raid 5 integrated into it or should I go with a cheaper option without Raid 5 integrated and use software based Raid 5 in OMV? I also possibly somewhere down the line would like to attach another DAS in a Raid 1 configuration to use as backup for more important things that I could keep locally instead of relying on cloud based services. The Raid 5 drives would be 3 x 3TB and 2 x 4TB. The Raid 1 drives would be 2 x 2TB but would be older then the other drives but not bought/used the same amount so hopefully both wouldn't fail at the same time. Thanks for any info :)

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    Is there any way to have the nas system wake from sleep when access is attempted ie tftp or WOL?
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    Hmmm, i think the better approach is to contact the author of the image and request to use a common device name schema instead of introducing its own. As an alternative simply add these two files to your installation, thus it will survive…
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    There is nothing redundant about an RPi. So, have redundant array of disks is not going to add much redundancy.
  • Quote from SaviorCalabro: “I'm using an old 32-bit PC, I don't have 64-bit PCs ” That just means you can't use the OMV iso. As mentioned many times, you can install 32 bit Debian Stretch and then install OMV 4.x on top of that. There is a guide in…
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    Quote from votdev: “Can you point us to some docs or specs of this hardware. Is there a guide available that describes how to replace the shipped software with something else based on Linux. Maybe we can enhance the backend to support it…
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    Good afternoon! The OBM is installed on Debian 9. How does boot occur at system startup. It interests me to understand the order of launching systemd services and scripts from /usr/share/mkconf/iptables.d.