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    Ive just purchased one of these cards and installed into my OMV.

    OMV didnt recognise the card in either web gui or CLI,

    Iv serached online but cant seem to find an answer

    i) if this card is compatiable at all in OMV

    ii) is there and sort of guide of installing or building necessary drivers at all.

    maybe the w-get command.

    Im not particularly linux savy, so would prefer a web gui inteface guide preferable , i dont even know how to download an iso and transfer it to my OMV install drive with a command line.

    Your help would be most appreciated .
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    im running OMV on exsi with a couple of drives, all works ok but my SMB tranfer speeds are crazy slow im taking 300kb what am i doing wrong?
    im bit of noob but know some basic linux.

    any help would be great

    bit of back ground SMB PC to PC over wirless 15mb to 20mv
    SMB PC to OMV over wireless 300kb
    SMB PC to OMV over wired 500kb
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    I tried to install OMV on my Zyxel NAS 520. It worked more or less until I figured out, that the Partition was only 1GB (SD-Card hat 32gb). After I changed the size. I shutdown the NAS, after that nothing happened, I tried to reinstall the SD-Card already tried to install other Bootloaders, but nothings worked. (The NAS does not Popup in my Fritz!Box, and the Ethernet LED is just orange.

    What can I do to get back to the old Firmware or reinstall OMV. In the moment I am stuck an can't help myself anymore.

    Your Moritz
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    Ran into this issue after following Techno Dad Life's two part series on watchtower and Docker containers in OMV. I have this media/storage system all running great besides updating docker containers.

    The issue I run into is that if I run watchtower and containers that have "volumes from" field filled in are lost and I have to recreate it from scratch.

    As a workaround, I have been going into Deluge, Sonarr, Radarr, and etc modifying the "volumes from" then run watchtower. As soon as watchtower is done, I will go back in turn it off, and add the "volumes from" fields to the docker containers.

    Anyone else running into this or know how to resolve this?

    I was thinking about switching from v2tec/watchtower to containrrr/watchtower to see if it makes a difference.

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