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    Hello, something happened and now I can't access NAS through SMB, it looks like it's offline but showing in "Computer->Network"

    It says System Windows cannot access \\HOSTNAME.
    Tried 2 computers.
    Connection works through IP adress (\\IP).
    NAS is set to static IP (unchanged).
    Tried to ping IP, its ok.
    Ping hostname doesn't work.
    Ping -a ip is showing right hostname.


    I don't know what to do next, I don't want to edit all hosts on every computer which connects to my network.
    Anyone can help?
    Thank you.
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    I'll doing a big upgrade to my NAS this weekend.

    Currently running the following setup:
    - Asus H97M-Pro motherboard
    - Intel i3-4350 cpu
    - 24gb DDR3 RAM
    - Samsung 250gb EVO M.2 (OMV is running on this)
    - Syba 4-port PCIe SATA controller
    - x2 WD Red 4tb hdd
    - x4 WD Red 8tb hdd
    - Fractal Design Define R6 case

    New setup:
    - ASRock x399 Phantom Gaming 6 motherboard
    - AMD Threadripper 2950x cpu
    - 32gb DDR4 Corsair LPX 3200
    - x2 Samsung EVO 860 1tb SSD
    - Nvidia P2000 GPU
    Re-using from existing build:
    - Samsung 250gb EVO M.2
    - Syba 4-port PCIe SATA controller (May leave this out since I believe the new motherboard will have enough connections)
    - x2 WD Red 4tb hdd
    - x4 WD Red 8tb hdd
    - Fractal Design Define R6 case

    Wish me luck! :D
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    I have recently discovered that my ISP is using carrier grade NAT, making the use of the DuckDNS docker spotty at best. I have a Nextcloud appliance that I would like to access through the web (uses separate internal IP), and I would like to know if is possible to access this server by connecting to OpenVPN, then port forwarding through OpenVPN to port 443 through my router, and having the router point to my internal server IP (OpenVPN Port 443--> Router port 443--> Internal server IP address)? Also, would DuckDNS be able to automatically update the VPN IP address so that the appliance can be accessed if there is a change to the VPN WAN IP address? Forgive me if I have omitted any details as I am relatively new to Linux and Networking, and basically just follow tutorials for any CLI based interactions. Currently the server is just accessed through port 443 using DuckDNS.
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    Afternoon all;

    I'm pondering a new OMV build to replace my current server/storage setup (2x Dell machines running Windows 10 to support Plex and VPN/BitTorrent client dumping to an OLD Netgear ReadyNAS NVX+), and would like an outside opinion:

    MSI B365M PRO-VDH motherboard
    Intel Core i7-9700 Coffee Lake 3.6 GHz processor
    4x Corsair Vengeance 8GB DDR4-2666 memory
    8x Western Digital Red 3TB hard drives connecting through an LSI 9211 HBA (reflashed Dell PERC H200)
    2x Inland 240GB SSD drives (for OMV/Docker install)
    4 port Intel I340-T4 Gigabit Ethernet adapter
    Silverstone Strider SST-ST80F 800w power supply
    Fractal Design Node 804 case

    System will be running 2 Docker containers:

    Plex Media Server (most encodes are x265)
    Bittorrent with VPN

    So, sanity I aiming too low? Too high? Am I completely out of my gourd??

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