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    I have just upgraded my server from lga 1155 to lga 1150 (i have changed motherboard, cpu and memory). The motherboard with lan onboard is Asrock H81M-HDS R2.0

    System boots correcty with correct order in hard disk but i have a message that "no network interface".

    See picture;

    [Blocked Image:]

    After that, i login as root and try "ip addr". and this is the result.

    Could you pls help me??

    If helps, both lights (orange & green) at lan port are always on.

    Thanks a lot for your help.
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    Hi everyone

    I have been doing a lot of research lately on NAS Os's and I always seem to get stuck. I have used FreeNAS before but it would seem like FreeNAS and ZFS do not allow for hardware RAID unless the controller can be flashed to "IT Mode", I have read that the PERC H700 isn't that bad of a RAID controller.

    Now I want to ask you guys, as I am not vfery well versed in OMV, is hardware RAID a possibility? I would like to keep the RAID controller if possible and it seems OMV allows for hardware RAID?

    The server has (Going to pick it up next week, got it from my mate for roughly $200):

    2x Xeon E5630's
    40GB RAM
    6x1TB SAS 7.5k HDD's
    PERC H700 RAID Card

    Really hope I finally found the OS that is compatible with this.

    Thanks guys

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