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    I have a RAID 1 enclosure that's encrypted using Veracrypt. I connected it to a RPI2b running OMV. I ssh'd into the Pi and mounted the encrypted device at /srv/dev-disk-by-label-Data. The volume is formatted with exfat and is labeled Data. The problem I'm having is that I can't create a SMB share on it. When I go to the add share panel there is no entry for this device in the Device dropdown menu.
    The device is listed on the Disks page and the file system is listed on the File Systems page with the device shown as /dev/dm-0. I am able to cd into the volume with ssh. How do I create a share on this volume?

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    I have five disks inside a HDD enclosure (ORICO DS500U3) plugged on one USB 3.0 port of my RPi 4. Four of them are 3.5" HDDs, and one of them is an 2.5" SSD.

    I have several shared folders created from the HDDs, no problem here. However, I can't create a shared folder from my SSD, because it does now show up in the dropdown list.

    The SSD was previously wiped and formatted (EXT4) through OMV GUI. I can mount it through the GUI, and I can access it through SSH/SFTP using WinSCP. The only thing I can't do with it is creating a shared folder.

    I'd appreciate any help, thanks.
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    I have not fully understood the concept of folders, shares and mounts of OMV... Currently I am thinking how I should share an rclone mount I need to distribute to my nvidia Shield.

    So normally I would mount the rclone mount to something like /mnt/whatever and put that into the smb config. As I already learned, this is not how to do I properly in OMV.

    So first, where do I need to put the rclone mount? On the OS drive? On a data drive? With the latter I can probably add it to the shared folders and work my way from there. Is this the proper way to do it?

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