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    Hiya all...

    Sorry, but I'm a total Linux newbie. I followed tkaiser's guide (thanks tkaiser ☺️) and installed/configured OMV 4.x on an Orangepi PC2. Setup the drive as EXT4, created home directories, setup users (family) etc. Everything works fine. Decided to copy some music files from my wife's Windows 7 PC. Unfortunately, any files with French accents (e.g. "C'était la dernière fois") aren't getting copied over, I suspect that this has to do with encoding (UTF16 V vs. UTF8?). Is there any command line command that I can use so these files get copied over? I've searched online, but haven't been able to find anything.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks Greg
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    I have installed OMV latest and as usual I installed and then booted with GPARTED to resize the Boot Partition to 32GB and use the remaining 400GB+ for /home

    Problem is on the latest release, openmediavault_4.1.3-amd64, after using GPARTED to perform any type of resizing the system reboots to a BUS ERROR and goes no further.

    I have done this many times in the past and am not quite sure what's happening here.
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    Hi Everyone

    I just changed my configuration (new motherboard AMD Gt48E) to upgrade from 2 to 4 SATA ports and 3 seagate ironwolf HDD (6/6/8Tb).The previous configuration was already working well with the two 6TB disks.
    Reinstalled OMV 413-1 with no particular issues
    Still, when I log in through the web administration to check the disks and smart tabs, the popup Failed to read file '/tmp/bgstatus6VYv9h' (size=0) error appears and the temperature reading is n/a
    Tried to update or to install the disk monitor plugin, but another error message comes in the log (see screen capture)
    Except from that, everything works good with network and SMB sharing...
    What is wrong?

    all my best


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