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    I configured autoshutdown 5.0.2 to check only one IP address,, by putting just this single address into the GUI "IP range" field. However, the script always checks the full range ...; this is also the list in /tmp/autoshutdown/pinglist. If I delete that file, it is recreated. The /etc/autoshutdown.conf entry reads RANGE="" which looks good for me.

    A bug in creating the pinglist ? I tried to check /sbin/ on my own but :/ unfortunately I am not a bash enthusiast... that syntax is beyond my skills ?( , sorry.

    Regards, Wumpus

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    I have had my OMV machine off for a while now and am on and old version. I was going to start back up the server but I want to try something besides OMV. Will my data get erased only have 1 hard drive at 1tb and another drive with the OMV on it.

    If I disconnect the os drive and boot up a Linux server would I be have access to the files on the hard drive?

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    Hi All,
    I'm trying to clean up my server and have stumbled upon some errors in my log file. evrything is working, so maybe it nothing to worry about.
    In my log file over and over it seems smb is looking for net_shares in /var/lib/samba/usershares/ video's, & photo's.

    i dont have any shares called photo's or videos.
    i did find a link that talked about net_shares and they are not in the smb.conf.
    so it seems to me this is a default setting somewhere, maybe tied into home directories, my smb.conf has no entries for home.

    does anyone have any ideas on how to fix this?
    or is this just a default setting that is not an issue.
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    Hi. I want to "back up" the full content of an apple airport extreme base station to an omv nas.
    All apple users within the LAN are using the airports file storage.
    In the same LAN an already existing omv 4 server currently acts successfully as a time machine
    backup server for the apple clients. My plan is now to "back up" all the files sitting on the airport to the omv machine.
    Currently i have no idea what might be the best & easy way to achieve this - just having a copy of all those data in a second place.
    Thx. for any help & advise.

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