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    This is my 5th and last try to get OMV run....

    I have :

    - installed OVM
    - updated via ovm-update
    - installed the extra package
    - installed snapraid & union filesystem ( originally i only wanted to try snapraid )

    same Workgroup...checked

    [Blocked Image:]

    create a folder ( Data ) and a user ( test / test ) member of the group users

    [Blocked Image:]
    [Blocked Image:]

    after that, i activated smb and create shared folder

    [Blocked Image:]


    [Blocked Image:]

    I can see the server in my windows network, but can not login.

    What was my mistake ???? ?(
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    Hi there,

    my name is Ralph. Currently we are using FreeNAS in our small business environment but as I'm more familiar with Linux I was looking for a similar linux-based solution.
    OMV seems to be what I need but the version chaos leaves me a bit perplexed. OMV5 beta seems to be in the wild forever. News on the website are mostly meant for OMV4 but also for OMV5 and 6(!?!). When I check the download section OMV4 and OMV5 (the version without beta) download numbers are almost equal. So I have read a lot in the forum and found different statements regarding the current state of the project. Somewhere I found the statement (from last summer) that OMV5 will be out right after Debian 10.1. As Debian 10.3 came out two weeks ago this info might be outdated but as there are beta and non-beta versions of OMV5 in the download section in parallel I'm not so sure of my conclusion. At the same time most users in forum give advice to install OMV5 while OMV5 being labeled as being beta here ...

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    I use the autoshutdown plugin, to shut down my nas if it is not used. Also I have multiple dockers running on the nas with different ports for each.
    Now the autoshutdown plugin detects if i connect to the omv gui via port 80 just fine. But the access to, for example my logitech media server docker with port 9090, is unnoticed by the plugin, as well as all other docker ports I use. Is there anything I can do, that the autoshutdown plugin detects if somebody is connected to a docker container?
    I made sure, that I have all used ports listed in the sockets field of the plugin.

    Kind regards,

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