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    I'm having the following issue : randomly, when booting or rebooting my nas (intel NUC + 4-disks icybox USB3 bay) some of my drive's partitions are missing (/dev/sdb is there, but not /dev/sdb1).
    If i enter maintenance shell and re-probe my drive (hdparm -z /dev/sdb) then the partition appears (!).

    I'm feeling this is an issue with the spin-up of my disks, because for whatever reason (usb re-init after bios ?), just after GRUB all my disk spin down then up, one by one (probably a sequence internal to my bay), and at that moment systemd mount scripts are waiting for my partitions to appear. Some are detected, but most of the time, at least one is not then the script times-out after 1min30 and boot sequence fails.

    Has anyone ever heard of such an issue ?

    Is there a way to insert a pause at boot just before the partitions mount, in order to give my disks more time to spin up ?

    Thanks in advance,
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    I want to use OMV5 as a backup/fileserver NAS on a Raspberry PI4 4GB with a 6TB HDD.
    I plan to duplicate this setup externally and sync the 2 NAS systems.
    I've installed OMV5 several times, and had a play with LVM2, but I've decided to use ZFS instead of LVM2 for more versatility and for sending snapshots between the 2 systems.
    I've already managed to compile ZFS on the Pi4 using a 64-bit kernel with 32-bit Raspbian and had a play with that

    My problem is in trying to put OMV and ZFS together.
    When I try to enable ZFS in the plugins, it wants to re-install zfs-dkms and this then fails (probably because it really needs a 64-bit userland to build zfs properly...?)

    Has anyone had any experience with this?
    Is it possible to install the zfs plugin without re-installing the zfs kernel modules.
    Or should I be looking at another 64-bit OS like Ubuntu? I already tried debian64, but I didn't get ZFS installed on it properly.
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    Hi. As usual, sorry for my english. I don't want to use docker to install letsencrypt. So, i would like to know how to log omv webgui in SSL using ? After install lets with this method, when i try to connect on my server with my domain name (, i found nginx page :
    Welcome to nginx!
    If you see this page, the nginx web server is successfully installed andworking. Further configuration is required.
    For online documentation and support please refer
    Commercial support is available

    Thank you for using nginx.

    Why i don't get to the omw webgui page ? How done
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    This is my 5th and last try to get OMV run....

    I have :

    - installed OVM
    - updated via ovm-update
    - installed the extra package
    - installed snapraid & union filesystem ( originally i only wanted to try snapraid )

    same Workgroup...checked

    [Blocked Image:]

    create a folder ( Data ) and a user ( test / test ) member of the group users

    [Blocked Image:]
    [Blocked Image:]

    after that, i activated smb and create shared folder

    [Blocked Image:]


    [Blocked Image:]

    I can see the server in my windows network, but can not login.

    What was my mistake ???? ?(

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    Quote from BozzArc: “Waited 2-3 hrs more and then my PC has a access to. Now everything seems like working. ” Thanks for sharing that. What platform are you using? PC or an SBC?
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    but again I see no necessity of using sudo in scheduled task.
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