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    Hey OMV Guru's, quick question for your all.

    So, I'm planning on having a few external USB drives (HDD's) to backup my central stuff on my OMV server, one external drive per one internal drive, so the external is an exact replica of the internal.

    My question is this.

    If I go down this route, is OMV/USB Backup using /dev/ identifiers or UUID's? Since I will be using multiple drives what I don't want to happen is two or more external drives (only one drive will be connected at any one time) to end up with the same /dev/sdx identifier and thus overwrite whatever is on disk B because it thinks it's disk A.
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    Admittedly, Yes I am a major Linux noob, so that's probably my problem.

    I 'installed'/started Xteve as root and realized this was not recommended. How can I undo what I did? I used Winscp to delete the .xteve folder it created in root. But now, when I 'reinstall' it, after I go to to provided host/port, IP:34400, it takes to me an xml looking page w/ txt and no gui.

    I think I need help installing this as a 'regular' user. I created a 'dawg' account, but how would I install the xteve bin file as dawg. I tried, but says dawg doesn't have access to certain folders. I'll have to re-run it for the error msg.
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    I have a problem logging in to www.
    After entering the login and password, the following error occurs

    Source Code

    1. Error #0:
    2. OMV\HttpErrorException: Invalid IP address. in /usr/share/php/openmediavault/
    3. Stack trace:
    4. #0 /usr/share/php/openmediavault/ OMV\Session->validateIpAddress()
    5. #1 /var/www/openmediavault/index.php(34): OMV\Session->validate()
    6. #2 {main}
    Anyone have any idea how to solve this?

    My configuration:
    Raspberry Pi 4 B (4GB)
    Raspbian Buster with desktop (Release date: 2019-09-26)
    OMV is version 5.0.10-1

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