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    Hi and thank you in advance for any help provided.

    I want to be able to reach my share remotely at work and on my phone. Can some direct me to a good/easy way to accomplish this. Still a bit of a Linux noob so any details would greatly help.
    Even sftp access would be fine

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    My OMV server :
    OMV version 4.31-1
    Kernel 4.19.0-0.bpo.6-amd64

    In the OMV GUI the list Package Information in Update Management is empty. See attached picture.

    Check for updates is working, no errors.
    OMV can connect with internet.

    Tried to solve the problem by:
    - empty browser cache
    - disable cookie filter and add blocker in browser
    - reset OMV GUI to defaults
    - restart OMV box.

    Problem still not solved.
    Before this happened, I was experimenting with the omv dnsmasq plug-in but I have switched it off and uninstalled it. Still no result.

    Any idea how to fix this?
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    How can I edit /etc/samba/smb.conf in a way so that it sticks?
    I know it says not to edit it but there has got to be a way.
    Other solutions point to the folder /usr/share/openmediavault/mkconf/samba.d/ .
    I don't have this folder though...

    Found solution:
    In OMV go to SMB/CIFS and add any lines you want to Advanced settings -> Extra options
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    I installed OMV from scratch by using this tuturial:

    Everything ran perfect until the installation of omv extras.
    Mentioned link was not working - but found on the website this install link:

    wget -O -…ckages/raw/master/install | bash

    got no error message, but after refreshing the omv page - the extras didn't show.

    I tried to download the .deb-file too (uploading, refreshing of course as well) but this was not solving the problem either.+
    I attach a screenshot of my system too, maybe it is helpful to get an idea.
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    hi all,

    still using omv3 on my nas, but more and more updates fail and problems get more.

    i'm not a friend of "upgrading" so i plan a fresh install of debian + omv.

    the big question: omv4 is stable - but - i don't want to install omv4 and in summer it will get eol? but omv5 is "beta" how far away from stable?

    what i need:
    main: simple file sharing to my windows hosts (smb) think, will not be a problem?
    ftp / webdav for external
    docker (for my emby)
    lets encrypt
    ddclient (or simular - just to update a dyndns)

    i'm right with omv5 will just go "final" from the beta without reinstall when final is released?

    i know beta is beta, but omv3 also was beta when i start and runs great - just tell me your 2 cent ;)


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    What kernel are you running?
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    If your use case doesn't need it, then don't use it.
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    But UnionFS already created a data drive, and I created all folders in there. So there is no need for me to use this mergerFS folder, right ?
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    Update 3*** 15 hours deep in this OMV abyss..... and still nothing.... most commands not working now and ive given up reading the thousands of problems people are having... Ill reinstall.... Thanks for the potential help...
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    Replied to the thread OMV 5.x (beta) unionfilesystems plugin.

    mergerFS folder allows you to select and merge specific folders. Union FS only allows you to select entire drives to merge.
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    I see updates like you describe occasionally - things firmware updates and such. The most recent update I saw was yesterday or maybe today for omv-extras. In the terminal you could run these to see what updates are available: apt update apt…
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