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    Hi. I want to "back up" the full content of an apple airport extreme base station to an omv nas.
    All apple users within the LAN are using the airports file storage.
    In the same LAN an already existing omv 4 server currently acts successfully as a time machine
    backup server for the apple clients. My plan is now to "back up" all the files sitting on the airport to the omv machine.
    Currently i have no idea what might be the best & easy way to achieve this - just having a copy of all those data in a second place.
    Thx. for any help & advise.
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    Hey guys im trying to find a way to stop my media server from renaming my video files to Evo iv looking on google but nothing came up with my issue if anyone know how to fix this issue i would be thankful

    my setup is a raspberry pi 3b+ using .openmediavault +plugin minidlna
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    I wanted to share my build with you guys.

    It´s a 3D printed case which cleans the setup and gives a little bit more safety to the drives and nanopi m4 board.

    find more information on my website

    and the model files at

    wwhile drives sleep it consumes around 7W and under heavy load max up to 20W

    If you have questions feel free to ask... or check above links

    PS: sorry for the tape it covers broken parts which happenend while cleaning the prototype cover from supports. (was a quick and dirty print to proof the concept but works)

    [Blocked Image:]

    [Blocked Image:]
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    I installed OMV 4 this week, but being new configured my system incorrectly and decided to completely reinstall the OS yesterday. During the install it refused to download from any mirror. Then I tried to install OMV 5 with the same results. After checking, I believe the reason is that both OMV 4 & 5 use an older version of Debian that is no longer supported because it's EOL. I continued on with the install regardless, but now I have an operational OMV 5 with only half of the required programs to make it work. There are many services that I can not configure, and of course I have no plugins available. So my question is, can I continue with my current install and use a terminal command to update my system?? I tried to use update management in the web gui, but that didn't pull any updates. If I can use my SSH terminal, what is the command that I need to use. I'm new and dumb when it comes to linux, so it's best if you clearly identify the process. Thanks in advance.
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    Hi there,

    I have an OMV running on a Raspberry Pi 4, it's hooked up with two USB3 harddrives, both LaCie d2 Quadra, one 4TB and the other 6TB.

    On the 6TB, it's very slow to copy data onto it. I'm using my Win 10 PC and get a speed of around 2-3 MB/s. When I copy from it to my PC, it's pretty fast (around 80-100 MB/s).
    At first I thought that's some sorta limitation of OMV, but the the 4TB disk doesn't show this behaviour. It's as fast while writing as it is when reading.

    I formatted both disks with OMV, both run on EXT4. While setting up OMV, I didn't do anything differently with each of the disks; in their former usecase there were no signs of slowdowns when reading or writing.
    I'm a real noob regarding Linux so I'm a bit lost on what could cause this, and what I could do about it (as well as which kinda info you guys need, haha)


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