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    I have a question for installing VA-API.

    I installed OpenMediaVault on my PC.
    Spec is
    -CPU : Celeron G3930
    -RAM : DDR4 4GBx1
    -HDD : Seagate 2TB
    -M/B : MSI H110M eco

    I'm using the server as NAS, and also installed EPGStation(Japanese DVR server software).
    Even though the CPU is Celeron, I can encode 30 mins of mpeg2-ts to h264 for 12mins.

    Now I get interested in QSV(VA-API) for faster encode/lower CPU usage.

    Is there any hints for installing QSV/VA-API for OMV?

    Thank you
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    Hi all,i have made a new server with 8x4 tb disk and a ssd to put the system on,i want to make it at first a media server and maybe later on more to do with it.
    Is it possible to make on system disk and the other 32 tb for a data disk/volume/?
    And how do i run things like sabnzbd radarr plex couchpotato headphones etc on it?
    Sorry if i put this in the wrong section
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    I have soft RAID 1 created out of 2 WD 4TB hard drives for all my data, and I always taught that if one of them failed, everything will continue to work without any interruptions.
    And today I decided to test that and realized that nothing is working as I taught!
    I shut down my machine, took out the cables out of one of my disks and started the machine... and raid disappeared!, and because raid disappeared, all folders that are referencing locations on raid disk are now dead.
    So I shut down the machine, put back the cables for the disk that was missing earlier and voila, raid is back again. But I'm not sure that this is normal. Can someone confirm that that is not normal behavior? Raid should be there no matter if one disk is missing or not?
    Below on the left is the output from OMV with both disks present and on the right is output from OMV with one disk missing.

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