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    Hi Community,
    I started complete fresh with OMV and I think it is great.
    But now I see a little Problem, wich is only cosmetic I think.
    At the beginning the Performance Statistics were working fine. I can See all the Data (CPU, Network, Disk, and so on) in the Graphs. But after some time the Graphs are empty, also if i Click on Refresh.
    As I saw that I search Google and the Forum and Found some Thing:
    rm -r /var/lib/rrdcached/db/localhost
    rm /var/lib/rrdcached/journal/*
    service collectd restart
    service rrdcached restart
    That solved the Problem only for a few Hours, then the Graphs are still empty.
    I tried omv-firstaid and the Point with RRD, there comes the Message everything is OK.

    My System:
    ASRock J3455-ITX
    8GB RAM
    4x 2TB Samsung Disk RAID5
    1x 120GB SSD on USB Adapter (OMV System)

    Has someone an Idea what could be the Problem?
    Thank you all in advance
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    I have two external usb drives on a RPI running OMV. On a recent startup, only 1 of two drives (sdb) showed up after OMV started. I found the cause of the problem and restarted omv. I can see both drives under the storage, disks option. The array hasnt started a rebuild as I would have expected.

    When I look at the array status in ovm gui, it only shows sdb1, not sda1. Given the situation, wasnt sure how to readd the drive to the raid 1 array.
    Would appreciate any suggestions.

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    Just getting into folder permissions and I have a few questions so far.
    When adding a shared folder I have to set its basic permissions of owner/group/others. That is clear. Right after creating the folder I can go to ACL extra options. Do these options correspond to what I've setup when adding the folder? So I could for example change the folder group here from users to lets say 'mediaUsers' and give all of them the permission they should have? Am I correct?

    I furtheremore noticed that I somehow cant access a folder via SMB share what I have read/write privileges for. As soon as I grant myself execution privileges, I can. Could anyone explain that behavior?

    Thanks! :)


    So for what do U guys actually use the privileges Button? I read many of you are using only that, but that means that you must grant everyone all privileges on system permission level don't you? Wouldn't it be way more secure to grant only the privileges needed for every user/group on system level?


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    Replied to the thread OMV 4.x Symlink between sharedfolders not working (dependency issue?).

    Quote from Nas-turally: “does it mean that plugins like rsnapshot or nginx should point to /srv/xxx/yyy and never to /sharedfolders/yy ? ” Yes
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    Liked dragosl’s post in the thread OMV 2.x How to partition and use OMV system disk for user data.

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    I've decided to give OMV a try with a 320 GB disk for system which was the only disk available but didn't want to waste so much space for a ~2GB installation. Have done a lot of digging and testing and finally came up with a way of using the system disk…
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    Replied to the thread fsname: Failed to match exactly one schema when trying to create NFS.

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    Try something like: time cp source destination It is not only rsync that might be the problem. It may also be the USB interface, possibly in combination with rsync. There are external drives with UASP-interfaces that claim to be much faster and less…