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    Hello, everybody,

    I installed the OMV on an old PC to convert it to a NAS. Then I grabbed old webcams, soldered USB cables to them and my Windows notebook found them as USB cameras as expected. For this I bought two cheap IR emitters with integrated photo cell, which are simply operated with 12V. These are there to give the cameras hidden light in the dark, so to speak.
    Now to my question: Do I have the option of connecting the two USB cameras directly to the OMV, so that it can possibly use a plug-in to make motion detected recordings?

    Thanks everyone and also to everyone working on this incredible Project named openmediavault!

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    I've been reading a LOT about OMV the last few days and I'm ready to get busy. The docker stuff is amazing and I'm going to migrate my emby setup to the OMV machine when all is said and done. Since I'm starting new I'd like to do this right the first time...

    I notice a lot of people balk at using a USB drive for boot. That doesn't bother me with the flash plugin. I built a test setup last night to poke around and used an SD card and once it boots the interface is plenty fast. With that in mind I believe Techno Dad Life liked a USB for boot, an SSD for scratch/downloads/whatever and then big drives for media etc. Tell me if I have this right...

    USB is just Debian and OMV and extras/plugins. Uses 8 gig regardless of drive size.
    SSD is for docker containers/app data and downloads and things that will be used locally on that machine or moved around to media shares.
    Media share drives are obvious.

    Is that pretty much right? I watched the Techno Dad Life video on one drive setup and it…
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    Simple requirement: I'd like to be able to access a Samba share from any stock, unmodified Windows 10 machine with NO login and NO password. Years ago this was easy, but Microsoft has made it progressively harder with seemingly every update. Is this even possible these days?

    I have read dozens and dozens of forum posts (here and elsewhere) to no avail. Most are outdated because Microsoft keeps changing things.

    My sense is that this is no longer possible without making local group policy changes to the Windows box (which defeats my purpose; I want anyone with wifi access to be able to easily read (only) these files). But I've never gotten a definitive answer on whether this is the case. Does anyone know?

    If it is possible, can someone point me to a definitive, up-to-date tutorial on it?

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