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    my current setup

    WIndows 10 box with mellanox connectX3 MCX354A-FCBT 40gbe NIC card - ethernet connection enabled

    connected directely with DAC QFSP+ cable to OMV V5.5 setup with ZFZ RAIDZ2 using 4 3.5 inch drives, mellanox connectX3 MCX354A-FCBT 40gbe NIC card.

    when i transfer files across this network, through SMB, the Max speed im getting is only 270MB/sec.

    What am i doing wrong> Ive tried different filesystems too,BTRFS. but still similar speeds.

    Where is the bottle neck, Some help would be most appreciated,

    I was thinking i can adjust the Various settings in the Windows Mellanox driver such as MTU etc. but how can i do this on OMV side.


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    I have a box with a build-in and two PCIe network adapters. I used the build-in to install with DHCP, it appears as eno1.
    Also, I successfully configured the two others to be a trunked bind0 with DHCP, as I have a managed switch which supports

    Both interfaces work well and can be accessed by their different names. But eno1 is still used as default route, it appears
    before the bind in /etc/network/interfaces. I thought this file would be generated by mkconf, so I renamed the 30bind
    into 15bind in order to have it defined before eno1. omv-mkconf exchanges the entries, no change.

    Either, I did not understand the concept of primary interfaces correctly, or I have to do something with "ifup" in order to
    delete the default route and add a new one using dev bind0.

    Or do I overlook an easy way of doing so?

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    I continue to prepare my migration from OMV to Proxmox with OMV as VM, and I have a question for the clever guys (you! :) ) who are already using OMV+proxmox.

    Proxmox has no option in its GUI to set any powersaving feature. It even runs the performance governor by default. So, for a home server (expected to be idle 70% of the time) where 'Green IT' and power consumption matter,
    - have you looked at how much power OMV+Proxmox consumes versus OMV alone, notably when idle?
    - is there anything you change to lower power consumption?

    Just for info, my OMV box (Ryzen 2700, 16Go RAM, 4 active SSD and one mostly-sleeping HD) consumes 27W at idle at the wall and 70W at full load (real power, with cos phi : 41W / 80W).

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