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    I could use some help, please...

    I just did a clean install of OMV 4.1.22 (from 2.x) and my RAID 1 File Systems was not viable.

    • I did the install with the RAID drives disconnected, shut down server, connected the drives and booted the system.
    • The disks are visible in the UI Storage -> Disks
    • The /dev/md127 device is visible in the UI Storage -> Raid Management and is in a Clean state
    • The device is NOT visible in the UI Storage -> File System
    • Using the SSH command line, I can manually mount /dev/md127 and see the folders and files.
    How do I add the File System without wiping the drives?

    Thank you,
    Michael ?(
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    I wonder if there is any (straight) way to use openmediavault to serve time in my network.

    Background is that a omv server (odroid hc) has a rtc clock and that the network is not permanently connected to the world wide web. Therefor a lot's of device in the network rely on a time source. Would be great if omv could be configured to serve time from the local hardware rtc and syncs times itself with ntp servers from the www when available.

    I searched the forum, docs and the addons but only could find ntp client related stuff.

    Thank's for your help!
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    So I've just bought new hardware for a server intended to run Openmediavault as a media server running Docker containers. It's almost the same hardware as the build here with an Asrock J4105 as the base but with 8GB ram, a 128GB SSD and two 1TB 3.5" hard drives.

    The main OMV installation was going to be installed on the SSD which I'd then repartition with Gparted GUI to give some of the SSD space as fast config "storage" for configuration files mostly related to Docker containers, particularly Homeassistant. One of the 1TB HDD's would be used for media file storage and the other would receive backup/copies of files from (I hadn't fully figured this out yet) the first HDD using rsync or similar (rather than raid). I'd then also use the Duplicati plugin to upload files to Backblaze.

    I've been tinkering with OMV with Docker containers (which are fantastic) on an old Intel Atom D525 build for a while and found that the Docker side of things in particular can throw up unexpected…

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