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    I'm performing rsync push to another NAS (Synology) using rsync, On the target system I see the files I sent are now owned by rsync which is probably fine, right? However, I set 'preserve' option in my rsync job, so I initially thought that files will be still owned by root:users. OK, I can live with rsync user ownership but in the event of restoration I will simply need to re-set the ownership to root:users in my rsync pull task - right?

    Edit: Unselected "archive mode", added "-g" option and corrected configuration on Synology (rsync user should be in admin group). Now the transferred files on the target NAS are owned by root:users. Looks good for me, but not sure it's the best configuration and I'm not missing anything.
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    Duplicati web browser interface is telling me there is an update available.

    Dialog message at the bottom of the screen :

    Found Update
    New Update Found
    Show Install Dismiss

    My current version on the 'About' page is

    When I Click on the 'Install' a 'Downloading' bar flashes in the dialog, then reverts back to the initial dialog box.

    How do I update Duplicati ?

    I do have shellinabox installed.
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    Just Install Openmediavault on a PC with SSD boot drive plus another 2TB there. I have a Drive A from another NAS, the data from this Drive A there I like to retain. I like to port this Drive A to my new PC(ie NAS).
    What do I have to do and not to do in order to maintain the existing data I have already on this drive A and physically port this drive to my new NAS PC?
    If not advise me what is the best way to transfer the data across?

    Thanks in advance.
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    i use the nextcloud docker from linuxserver and setup it with technodads video.
    Here I thought, for example, if I wanted to include the folder "images" directly from the sharedfolders in addition to the /config and /data directories. In the nextcloudplugin "external memory" I can mount it directly, but have only Read right.
    Can someone help me where I have to assign which rights?

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