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  • Quote from gderf: “The disk must appear in OMV's Storage | Disks panel, must also appear in OMV's Storage | File Systems panel, and from there you can select it and attempt to mount it. ” I've been able to mount it, but it doesn't show up when I log in remotely. Is there a way within omv to browse the existing files on the drive?

  • Somewhat of a noob here, I know just enough to make me dangerous, so this may be a stupid question. I have had OMV up and running for a while now and can access it across my network. I have an older drive that has a lot of stuff on it I'd like to access from the network. I plugged it in and it shows up as a physical disk, but I can't figure out how to access it. It's a different file system (hfsplus) than my existing drive (ext4). I know I'm missing something here, but how can I get to a point w…