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  • 2 internet connections

    happimeal - - Network


    I have an omv setup on a dedicated box, and a windows PC in my garage. I also have 2 independent internet connections. Both machines have 2 nics. Is it possible to use one internet connection through my router to my windows PC, the other internet connection for my omv box, and use the second nic in each box to directly connect them together for management, and to be able to map my omv shares to windows?

  • I have a downloads folder for ruTorrent for sonarr. I also have that folder shared to my Windows 10 PC. I noticed that I can write to the folder from windows, but if ruTorrent downloads a file into a subfolder, from Windows , I cannot unrar the file, i get an access is denied message. Is there anyway to give my windows pc rights to whatever folder is created from ruTorrent?