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  • I have the same issue. Odroid HC1. In fact, I have an error message trying to install both Shellinabox and Docker. Am beginning to think the install image for the Odroid products is not exactly bulletproof...

  • docker installation gives error

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    I also have a brand new, clean install of OMV4 - on an Odroid HC1 (XU4) - and I'm getting the same error message as soon as I try to install Docker. I log in, change my admin password, go to Update Management, check all and update. Then I go to the OMV-Extras in the sidebar and update there too. Then, and only then, do I highlight the Docker CE repo that's already in there, select 'Edit' and Enable, Save etc. This all works fine. But then I go to Plugins and scroll down to the Docker one - openm…