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  • Hi there, I'm looking for a possibility to get E-Mail notifications when there are new files added to filesystem(s). Is it possible to configure it? Yes, I know where to configure notification, but I suggest, I have to configure some other things for my issue (if even possible....) System is 4.1.3-1 Thanks for any suggestions.....

  • Solved it! The router needed a USB-Memory for buffering. There was a USB-HDD connected to the box BUT - I had to disconnect and reconnect the USB-memory. Then the webDAV works. Seems to be an issue on the FritzOS and not on the OMV. Thank you for help.

  • Hi, I try to connect my FritzBox to the WebDAV Service on my Raspberri running OMV 3. I activated the service and I may also connect to it via webbrowser and get a listing. However, my FritzBox cannot. I tried the following settings: Provider: other Address: http(s)://<OMV-IP>/webdav/ Address: http(s)://<OMV-hostname>/webdav/ Address: http(s)://<OMV-hostname + domain>/webdav/ credentials are correct. Any ideas? Fritz-OS is 6.90, FritzBox is 7490. Greetings