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  • Thank you i will use on docker.

  • Any idea? Anyone has the old images from raspberry pi 3. Thank you in advice.

  • Quote from tkaiser: “Care to explain what the problem is? Other than you connecting a display and being scared by messages you can't interpret? What is not working? If you follow closely the readme you simply let the RPi connect to the network, wait until installation finishes and the board reboots, then OMV is up and running. Messages about failed service at first boot are normal (simply switch off your display or do not even connect one -- it's unnecessary anyway since OMV is a headless system…

  • Quote from ryecoaaron: “Is it connected to wired internet? Did you wait 30 minutes for the system to be ready? ” I have tried connecting it directly to the router and other times to an electrical tplink. I've been up all night without touching anything of the raspberry but I keep getting the same message. I do not know what else to do. I think it's a problem of writing the sd but I can not figure out what's wrong, it's very strange to me. A greeting and thanks in advance.

  • Hello good night, I've been trying to install OMV 4 on my raspberry pi 3 for 3 days, I've tried several installation methods, always under the image that you provide:IMAGE (Linux) Burn the image with etcher. (Win) Burn the image with etcher. (Win) Burn the image with win32 image writer. I have tried to record the image in the microsd: 1MICROSD 2Old Micro SD eb-flash, HC, 4gb FLASH And I always get the following errors, I've been looking and nobody comes up with anything like it, that is possible…