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  • Quote from ryecoaaron: “Quote from tkaiser: “Anyway this New approach for Raspberry Pi OMV images still applies. ” You keep saying your image is going away but I honestly don't care if any RPi version is supported. ” Noooooooooooooo they may not be the best thing to use as a NAS but for some of us it's all we can afford and for are needs they work well plus OMV makes things so easy and if i ever meet any of the developers i would give you a big man hug

  • Tested the build posted last week which worked fine so made the jump and installed on my main setup which is a Pi4 and 2 Seagate Expansion drives one 4tb the other 5tb ntfs with Samba running and then also installed a Plex server on the same Pi4 Been running for the last two days without any problems with Samba sharing to a Windows 10 PC plus Plex server sharing to PC, PS4 and iPad Big thanks

  • Been using above for the last few hours and it's working ok Getting 30Mb write and 100Mb read to and from a Seagate expansion 4tb USB3 drive formatted NTFS

  • OMV Setup Videos

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    Turn Hard Drive into Network Storage with a Raspberry Pi

  • Hello just wondered if the new Plex plugin is about as it fixes the problem of TV show thumbnails not being downloaded due to TVDB updating there API

  • Call for testers: OMV4 for ARM boards

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    Been using on a Pi 3 for a day now with the Plex plugin without any problems