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  • I am able to ping the internal docker network gateway at, but all the containers, including traefik, are on a macvlan network that shares the same subnet as the rest of my network and those are unreachable from the host.

  • Thanks, I disabled reservations on the data drives, but they are still showing the same totals in the filesystem view. edit: it looks like the Reserved GDT blocks were not released, any reason to keep those around if these disks are purely for storage with a single partition? If not, what's the best way to free up that space?

  • Quote from subzero79: “Nothing to be enabled. If is a container, have you gone into the container shell to check if you can reach the server ? ” I think this might be my problem, I have traefik running in docker inside of OMV and while traefik and the rest of my containers can get out to the physical network, OMV isn't able to ping any of the containers. OMV itself is a VM inside of Proxmox, OMV is able to ping physical devices on the network as well as other VMs in Proxmox.

  • Is there something that needs to be enabled in OMV that could be causing the bad gateway? I've modified my servers.toml a few different ways with no luck.

  • I'm trying to setup access to the OMV web interface using Traefik reverse proxy with a subdomain and am just getting bad gateway errors. I have some other services running outside of docker that I am able to access using Traefik so I'm sure it's just something in my config file. Has anyone successfully set up domain access using Traefik? Here are my Traefik config files.

  • I'm confused by why the total space of the filesystems don't match the capacity of the drives, each drive is mapped as a single filesystem with a single partition. See attached, they all show ~1-2% less than the drive capacity, and one of the three 10TB drive reports different than the other two...