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  • OK, I'll have a look at Syncthing. The problem with midnight commander is that I would have to do it in a shell, and not from the webpage. The goal is to download selectively files that I have on a linux Torrent box. I'll keep you posted. Thank you

  • Hello, I own a linux box in the cloud. I'd like to be able to transfer files to my local OMV. On the Synology NAS, I'm able to link a remote directory using the SFTP protocol. Then I can choose the files/directories I want to transfer. Then the NAS does the transfer "alone", maybe all night long. With my local OMV, I saw that I'm able to make rsync syncronizations but in my case, I would like to be able to choose the files or directory I want to transfer, not using a cron job or something simila…