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  • I get this once in a while I don't know if this is the right place to post it if so I'm sorry. However, the post always goes through. I just have to go back to the topic and it shows what I posted.…84fb0658bc850959aec4f1adc

  • Quote from crashtest: “Quote from Blabla: “I don't even know what software OMV is using to check the SMART data ” The command line program is smartctl .A sample command is: smartctl -x /dev/sda like so right hint the green dot buy monitor? and I get a email update.…84fb0658bc850959aec4f1adc…84fb0658bc850959aec4f1adc ”

  • I think if we keep looking the web will find it

  • Fractal Design Define R6 Thinking about something like that for a new case something I won't have to upgrade for a long time it's a bit pricey but it's either that or a rack-mount case. I've been taking all the DVDs that I've collected since I was a kid and putting them on the NAS and music and surprisingly I got a warning it was 85% full on one of my 4 terabyte drives over the weekend lol. Thank you for all the input time to read up

  • Quote from macom: “Quote from neurotone: “I would like to set up all my computers to do rsync remotely to the server. ” If your target is to have backup of the computers on the server, have a look at UrBackup.Backing up Windows to OMV UrBackup can be used on Linux and Windows clients. ” Thank you very much macom! Looks like it's fairly straightforward. I installed the plugin. When I have time this evening I will set it up. Off crashtests post thanks Bruce

  • Thank you! I have used rsync before to do automatic backup to an external drive and was planning on using rsync to do my backups on the NAS. I believe you probably know the YouTuber Techno Dad Life he did a pretty good tutorial on it also. Eventually, when I have time I would like to set up all my computers to do rsync remotely to the server. One of my main things to right now is finding a decent case it looks like a Rat's Nest in the case it is an old HP Pavilion case lol and the space is getti…

  • That makes perfect sense. Perhaps I won't worry about doing a raid. I do an offline backup manually of everything that is on the NAS to be extra safe well, I do that for everything all the pc in the house. I was thinking of doing raid just for the geek factor but the way you put it is unpractical and a waste money. You've given me a lot to read about time to do some research. UnionFS+SNAPRAID Looks very interesting Thank you for the reply I appreciate it.

  • I have gone completely different route granted it's going to eat up some more your resources but I believe it's easier. Virtualbox plugin and grab a super light Linux like arch or xubuntu use vnc to install and use the os and share a folder out of the vm install your Nord VPN app if they have one for Linux. How I have mine set up is just like that but I am using PIA app and VPN kill switch on and only allowing local traffic. I'm only giving two gigs of RAM to it and two cores out of 6. The reaso…

  • Quote from TOMillr: “Since the available plug-in from OVM Extras is no longer supported to run directly on the hardware ” Unless I'm very wrong it runs on bare metal as you would say or run natively as a application and not in a Docker container. you can add Debian version of Plex Media Server to your update list. Plex Pass members can follow these instructions to get the most recent Debian version of Plex Media Server. 1. Click on this link to go to the Plex forum. Then click on Sign In in the …

  • Good question! Currently I have mine at once a month. I too would like to know this answer.…84fb0658bc850959aec4f1adc

  • With being on that subject tkaiser what would you recommend for someone that uses OMV for Plex and in-house file sharing? sharing example I have two 4 terabyte NAS Drives and one SSD for the OS I have left the SSD at default. This is the current setting I have for both storage drives.…84fb0658bc850959aec4f1adc The drives are ext4 no raid however, raid is coming soon down the line it's just that damn money problem

  • I've been having this issue for roughly a month after combing through the Forum I cannot find a solution. I still receive updates nothing seems to be broken everything works however, I received an email notifying me the following.…84fb0658bc850959aec4f1adc What I get on apt-get update Err:20…developers/arrakis-docker {distribution} Release 404 Not Found Source Code (69 lines)I have tried apt-get clean, apt clean in the OMV UI and apt-…

  • Just a quick update it's been a couple of months since smart notify me of the bad sectors and they have not risen. Everything seems to be working just fine I just take it as a couple of bad sectors.

  • Quote from crashtest: “Sorry I missed this thread. While there is no perfect indicator of a hard drive failure, a BackBlaze study showed the following SMART attributes to be prime indicators of a future drive failu ” That's quite alright there's a lot of activity is on this forum. It has not risen since the initial notification I just know that I have a few bad sectors and honestly, when you get that notification the paranoia sets in. I get an email every day when it starts to change to a higher…

  • SMART status RED but not sure why

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    Hey we are like brothers we both have 24 Currently unreadable (pending) sectors on a drive. Hover your cursor over the red dot it will say you have a few bad sectors.

  • Please forgive me if this has been posted a thousand times before. I've searched through the Forum and found a lot of posts on this however I still cannot decipher what actions if any I can take to resolve or smart/drive is doing its job or if I should get a new Drive.I decided to post my info and have the professionals look at it any insight would be helpful and appreciated. I purchased this drive off Amazon everything seemed to work good, so I bought another one so I have two of the exact same…

  • HDD Power Management

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    Quote from Dropkick Murphy: “Look under "physical disk properties": 5905-spin-PNG This may or may not work with external enclosures, depending on the used chipset and the manufactors will to implement stuff Is that what you have your setup as I've never dealt with power management I'm new all that I'm and using for backup and media (Plex) and home assistance in the darker what would you recommend it's an internal 4 terabyte Hitachi any help would be appreciated thank you ”

  • tkaiser, I just want to say thank you for taking your time and writing that out. I run a Raspberry Pi 3 did the 'omv-release-upgrade' in CLI ssh didn't take as long as expected once everything was done rebooted I was running OMV4 and knock on wood everything seems to be working great no hiccups other than I had a plug-in that that I wasn't using so I uninstalled it Deluge and it still showed up in the left sidebar just the entry and also a quick note it is not available for omv4 perhaps that's w…

  • Wiping device errors

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    It eventually did it it just took long to answer my own question the real question now is formatting it what would be the best option ext4 or btrfs?

  • Wiping device errors

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    If this is beenasked before I'm sorry. I recently purchased an SSD for my laptop soI had an extra 500-gigabyte spin up drive purchase a USB enclosurefor it plugged it in to the openmediavault pi 3 it recognized itclick the wipe button Selected Shred and this is what I get I testedout a flash drive yesterday before I got the USB enclosure and itseemed to work fine without errors is there something I'm doingwrong? The 500 gig hard drive is NTFS with Windows on it I didnothing but put it in its enc…