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  • Quote from diyprojectz: “I am asking about the caddies, will it be enough to attach caddies to the metal case elements with ds tape, or do I have to screw them too or maybe use zip ties as suggested on reddit? ” Sorry if you can use screws then do so, if that's a problem the use zip ties, I just wouldn't trust ds tape.

  • Quote from Nuke: “hey. how i can use rpi4 as nas (omv) and same time as kodi player connected to my tv? want to sell odroid hc2 with omv only but dont understand how to use kodi on omv. i don't want to keep two sbc same time. ” Hm, I wouldn't say you can and I wouldn't say you can't but I understand why you want to do it, your best option would be to search for Kodi in Docker. TBH you have the best option, I have a Pi that runs just Kodi using an Emby plugin which communicates with the server.

  • Quote from PeppaWutz: “Isn't it ? ” There is a link on the download page to sourceforge, there also seems to be 2 threads regarding the Pi4.

  • Quote from ManuelM: “I installed the new raspberry pi 4 image on the omv download page. ” the image is on sourceforge

  • Quote from gtj: “I didn't have particularly high expectations when I bought it but to my surprise it works according to specifications! ” Yes it will it's designed for use with Windows. Quote from gtj: “Before I put them into the enclosure, I formatted them on a Windows PC using diskmanager ” So the drives are formatted to NTFS? not a good idea. There's nothing strange on how OMV sees the drives, these units are fitted with a crude raid controller for them to work under Linux they will require a…

  • I would still screw them to the caddy even if it's only 2 screws one in each corner.

  • Quote from gtj: “However, I tested all available modes on a Windows PC and does seem to work fine. ” It will, because that is what it is designed for Set it to JBOD (Just a bunch of disks) wipe both disks, then set a filesystem on each ext4 and they will mount, configure/use one as your main drive then install the rsnapshot plugin and configure the second drive to take snapshots of the first....simples that way if one drive goes down you can recover. Also the snapshot can be run 'out of hours'.

  • Quote from diyprojectz: “Can I use double-sided tape to attach the plastic 5.25" to 3.5" caddies to the metal parts of the case ” I wouldn't worry about vibration I'd be more concerned about heat as far as double sided tape is concerned. Perhaps some images and someone might have a suggestion.

  • I would agree with @jollyrogr bad idea! Best guess is that OMV does not see the enclosure as what is basically a hardware raid controller of some description. Have you tested it with another raid option as I'm guessing it will run raid 1, these enclosures usually can be set as JBOD, Raid 0, Raid 1. JBOD would be the better option.

  • Image file is on sourceforge

  • That link isn't working but this one is, is there a difference? don't know or is this a new link due to the time frame.

  • Problems With Docker

    geaves - - Docker


    Quote from crashtest: “@Morne (Thanks to a pointer from @geaves) This is the -> thread where your problem is addressed in detail. It might have a solution for you. ” Read through the thread it's resolving the problem on a Pi @ryecoaaron reference above is the way to remove it from the cli, there are also other command references in that thread that check that docker has been removed, then how to reinstall it.

  • Zyxel NAS 520 won't boot anymore

    geaves - - General


    Quote from XZaya: “The NAS does not Popup in my Fritz!Box, and the Ethernet LED is just orange. ” That would imply you have connectivity but no activity, have tried changing the cable and/or tried another port on your router.

  • Boot problem with RPi Model B+

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    Quote from angeluiso: “Any help, please? ” Will not install on B+ image is for 2 and upwards.

  • Quote from inmyTEEPEE: “I was thinking about switching from v2tec/watchtower to containrrr/watchtower to see if it makes a difference. ” This got me thinking as v2tec was on github but no more, in the docker hub for v2tec click on the link Please report any issues to v2tec/watchtower

  • Quote from inmyTEEPEE: “Anyone else running into this or know how to resolve this? ” TBH I run watchtower but not had a problem but then again I don't have any linked containers, this thread has opened some debate and referenced volumes from, but does that 'field' link one container to the other, I don't know. Reading through the docker hub info for v2tec/watchtower it clearly states in the Linked Containers section that watchtower should handle this. One option might be to install Cockpit as fa…

  • Far be it from me to poke my oar in but doesn't Cockpit do what the OP is looking i.e. link containers, but in essence what is required is some sort of 'wait for' script.

  • HP Microserver N54L (re)Build

    geaves - - My NAS Build


    Quote from vinser: “Talking "headless" do you mean that OMV on N54L should ran as pure back-end and I need use SSH to control? ” Headless: No display, keyboard, mouse, but fundamentally no desktop. OMV uses a Web Admin interface with the ability to use SSH for command line purposes. OMV documentation here beginners guide here Quote from vinser: “Do you use OMV on N54L? ” Yes, with 6 drives running from a Sandisk 32Gb USB Flash Drive Some excellent information here this is for the N40L but it app…

  • HP Microserver N54L (re)Build

    geaves - - My NAS Build


    Quote from vinser: “Or OMVers don't care about N54L Turion Dual-Core only CPU workload? ” What workload? OMV is headless unlike W10 or MS Server versions which have Desktop environments + I'm assuming that there is software that allows monitoring of the hardware raid via the desktop. By using the modified bios the drives are independent, this allows the use Mdadm, or MergerFS + SnapRaid or simply individual drives. This alone makes it easier to manage the server, using hardware raid the drives a…

  • Issues: Static IP + MAC address changing

    geaves - - Network


    Quote from peguerosdc: “but still the IP address is changing whenever the router reboots. ” What's the router? My OMV uses a static IP, if I reboot OMV nothing changes, if I restart my router (which I very rarely do) it doesn't issue an IP address to OMV because the static IP is in the routers IP table. EDIT: If you used the solution from the Nano Pi Neo and added a Mac address to the /etc/network/interfaces, then create the static IP in the router with that MAC address that should resolve it? B…