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  • You can use nextcloud also for raw photos.

  • Watchtower and panic

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    See my new video. Three Ways to Update Docker Containers on Openmediavault

  • Docker start options

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    You are saving your configuration in the appdata folder outside of docker, so when watchtower updates the container, it still can use the variables you put in originally.

  • Pass USB to Plex Docker

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    Take a look at this Using docker run --privileged to host a single USB device I used something similar to this to allow pass through usb cameras. There is also this. Cannot connect USB Tuner wih the official Plex docker image And this is your answer. Docker USB Tuner WinTV-HVR-955Q Running WinTV TV tuners and HD PVR 2 under Linux

  • We will go over the three ways to update your docker containers.

  • Quote from henfri: “Hello, Here you go: 1) Just run…21c7e54a7ad40c22380bbee87 script. 2) Ensure Port 51820 (UDP) is forwarded to your OMV Machine. The script tries to do that automatically via upnp. 3) At the end of the script, you will be displayed a QRCode. Scan that in the Wireguard App on your Phone. 4) Connect from your phone That's all. All configuration files will be in /etc/wireguard Please resist from changing IP adresses. That is not neccessary. Only the …

  • Plex Update

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    gt4020 I made a video about this already, I think. Because I don't understand Spanish, I am guessing at the problem, but this fixes most Plex problems. Fix Plex and OpenVPN-as Problems by Removing Noexec on Openmediavault

  • I also had this problem. I updated etcher then everything was fine after that.

  • Quote from RPMan: “Quote from ryecoaaron: “Quote from RPMan: “Docker OMV plugin does not implement real dependencies between services. ” It does exactly what the docker run command does. This isn't a problem with the plugin. This is easy with docker-compose. ” I'm not saying the plugin has a problem but it cannot implement real dependencies between services. It's the same behaviour as depends_on on docker-compose v2. You can order container startup (not true anymore with compose v3) but you cann…

  • Quote from RPMan: “It will restart chronograf container after influxdb container but there is no guarantee that application inside the container (influxdb) has started before (chronograf application). A container is considered as started even if the application inside has not finished to start. If influxdb application (not container) take more time to start than chronograf application (inside the container) ---> Error even if the influxdb container started before chronograf. More info : stackove…

  • Quote from gderf: “As I said, this does not prevent those same ports from working on IPv4. Also, your VPN provider must support port forwarding if that is what you are trying to do. Not all VPN providers support this. From Does port forwarding work with a VPN? Port forwarding and triggering could work with a VPN protocol in general, but not with NordVPN. ” I use port forwarding with Nordvpn. Port forwarding is just dependent on your internet provider, how you se…

  • Invoice Ninja?

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    Did you install mariadb? Then you could just follow the directions in this video. Set up will be the same. Piwigo Photo Management Software on Openmediavault Once you get it working, make sure you write a guide and put it in the guide section.

  • Help setting up OpenVPN in docker

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    How to OpenVPN-as on Openmediavault That should help.

  • I believe it says that you set your files to read only.

  • Quote from sdywv: “I need Zoneminder to wait for Home Assistant and Chronograf to wait for InfluxDB. How can I achieve this? In Docker compose there is the "depends_on" entry, but what about docker run in OMV? Thanks ” Quote from RPMan: “No way to do this with docker omv plugin... You can still use docker-compose. ” Yes, you can do this with the "volumes from" area in docker. In chronograf, in the "volumes from" area add your influxdb container and hit the plus sign and restart your container. n…

  • Looks easy. Did you try? I don't have a google assistant to try.

  • I would try an easier image to start out with. There are no directions with that image or any of the Openwrt images. Why do you want to do this?

  • Did you see this? How to OpenVPN-as on Openmediavault

  • Did you figure this out? Post screen shots of your container variables and your log file if not.

  • Why don't you post more pics of your configuration. You only have the middle part. We need to see what is above that and below that. I see one potential problem. You have set your network as host. You will probably have to set up a shared network with the programs accessing the shares.