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  • Just testing again this tool, i installed the wrong module so in a virtualenv install 'pip install pyaml docker' then the containers need to be running for the tool to export them So in bash try for i in $(docker ps --format '{{ .Names }}'); do python $i > ${i}.yaml;done

  • here is another tool (not tested) written in nodejs, this can be used maybe in conjunction with composerize. Takes an inspect command and translates it into a docker run line command. From there you can export the Run command line to compose with composerize. By the way running stand-alone containers like the omv plugin does is not sustainable and not easy to maintain. I now run a separate vm exclusively for docker, to view containers I use portainer. And modifying para…

  • this was discussed here…mpose%2Bdocker#post173490 but testing the python tool doesn't work any more. You can try playing with docker commit, export and import, it will take a while for sure.

  • MOving from btrfs to ext4 don't think that will work. Back long time ago I tried something similar and didn't work. Your current running instance of docker best thing you can do is export each container as docker compose yaml files, then set up a clean docker instance on ext4(overlay2) and start running compose for each file. I can't find the tool to do the export at the moment but i do recall discussing it here in the forum. This will also re-download the images but thats the less if you consid…

  • Docker GUI plugin now stable

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    Quote from Blabla: “Quote from subzero79: “This plugin is mostly at is current state and it will probably not be ported next release There are better alternatives atm, Check portainer. Other than that you can submit a pr to github for a change. ” Do you think you'll make a portainer plug-in? Or you will suggest to just install it using the official guide? Also: there is some way to manage my already running container with portainer?P.S. Can I contribute at the wiki in some way? I learned a lot t…

  • btw as rev proxy don’t think traefik needs to be on a macvlan.

  • Ahhh macvlan, you should’ve mention that earlier. No host to container communication and vice versa on that mode. The docs don’t mention any of this any more on docker. Apparently is possible but not straight forward. You have to start reading the docs and probably fiddle around configuration at pve level.

  • I don’t have a setup like that but that could be the issue. Try the internal docker network gateway, 172.xx.xx.1. Check the running container for the internal assigned subnet. What kind of network is traefik.running bridged or host?

  • Docker GUI plugin now stable

    subzero79 - - Plugins


    This plugin is mostly at is current state and it will probably not be ported next release There are better alternatives atm, Check portainer. Other than that you can submit a pr to github for a change.

  • Nothing to be enabled. If is a container, have you gone into the container shell to check if you can reach the server ?

  • Good find, if you want to help can you please make a PR to add this to docs…l?highlight=notifications here instructions

  • Help Me Please! Proxmox and OMV Raid

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    Quote from blobblio: “My doubt is it better to install OMV in virtual machine or is there an LXC version? ” kvm, lxc won't display any block devices, thus making it unusable. The rest of the question depends on your needs. Passing directly the disks won't give you the benefit of SMART monitoring or display in OMV for example, so you have to do it in proxmox. One thing is i don't see the benefit in doing proxmox raid zfs then using the zvols for omv and then use btrfs on those, any snapshots or r…

  • Configuration looks ok to me, i haven't set up omv in the domain but I just test it an it works. Bad gateway usually means upstream not working. Check the address port and if it has https My servers.toml looks very similar Source Code (34 lines)

  • How do I install OMV on Ubuntu?

    subzero79 - - General


    Is not supported. Is heavily tight to Debian packages. You can give it a try see how it goes, following the guides instructions on how to do it on top of Debian server

  • If the usb device that contains the key is not encrypted, then it should unlock by just plugin it in. This wasn't tested in real metal server, but kvm guest, but it worked at the time

  • I would said a 6-12 months after buster release. Just a guessing by the way.

  • Use Ubuntu latest as live distro. Then use deboostrap to install Debian stretch with backport kernel. Is a lot to do all of it in command line

  • Quote from drdebian: “Quote from subzero79: “Thanks for the feedback. Network should be available otherwise this mod would be pointless. I’ll try to replicate in a vm with bond. But I assume it worked because networking gets pulled by ssh, shouldn’t make a difference for bond. I use this setup in my own server and use docker, but the docker root folder is not encrypted, is yours encrypted ? I would have a to add an extra check for this. For the script error, it would help me if you can describe …

  • Quote from Njuilpo: “But I don't want to have the partition always uncrypted, and also I don't want to need the WebUI to unlock it. ” You only need to decrypt after boot. So once decrypted stays like that until reboot or poweroff or manual lock Quote from Njuilpo: “If I want to lock the LUKS partition, I need to delete the Shared Folder then unmount the FS. ” no so like that. This is a limitation on device mapper, you cannot detach a mapped device if still in use, and device mapper is used by de…

  • /dev/mapper/sda2 needs to be formatted ext4 or other filesystem supported fs. Then that fs needs to be registered in omv(mounted through the webui) for it to be available to make shared folders