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  • guter Rat ...

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    Quote from mirada: “Nun ist wohl OMV gerade im Umbruch zwischen den Versionen 4,5 und 6. ” OMV5 wird wohl "demnächst" das "stable" Label bekommen. Vielleicht im 4. Quartal, wie du schreibst. OMV6 kommt wohl erst in 2020 und da vermutlich nicht gleich. Ich würde an deiner Stelle auf OMV5 setzen. Quote from mirada: “Wir die Version 6 wieder "Anfängerfreundlicher" ? ” Da die Basis an Entwicklern von Plugins nicht so groß ist, vermute ich mal, dass auch weiterhin auf Docker gesetzt wird. Allerdings …

  • Migration

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    You can use Clonezilla to clone the HDD to the SSD. Should work. I don't see any risk as you can always go back to the HDD if needed. When using Clonezille you need to check the -icds switch in advance settings. This avoids that Clonezilla checks that the target drive is at least of the same size as the source disk.

  • My thoughts about... RAID

  • Quote from votdev: “I really can’t understand why it is necessary to use blanks in filesystem labels or file names. ” Probably it is not necessary, but people do it if they are not aware it will cause problems. So maybe an error message when creating the label would help. At least in those cases where the label is added using OMV.

  • Quote from crackjack: “Serious answer, I just want some extra file security/safty/peace of mind, I have 1.9tb of music which I have been collecting for nearly 10 years 500gb of it is flac the rest is 320kb mp3. ” Then do backups. Including one backup remote (portable drive stored at your work or in the cloud or at a friend....) Has it been said before? RAID is not backup

  • Plex plugin running, but unconfigurable

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    I prefer the docker-compose method. Advantage: once you have the docker-compose file it is easy to install again. [How-To] Install Plex Media Server (PMS) container using OMV and docker-compose additional description using the docker-gui-plugin: OMV + Docker plugin media server (Plex, PlexPy, Ombi, Libresonic, NZBGet, ruTorrent, Sonarr, Radarr, Mylar, and more)

  • Have you tried the OMV4 image from here?…ngle%20Board%20Computers/…Banana_Pi.img.xz/download Strictly follow the instructions on the download page. Works on my Bananapi. A bit slow, though

  • in the config folder find -name php.ini Hope so, did not try

  • impossible to install OMV from debian

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    How to install omv-extras:

  • Quote from mikebravo: “better to make a clean new omv installation? ” The good thing about docker is, that you (almost?) cannot break OMV installation with it. Quote from mikebravo: “And I thinks the docker was a good choice! ” There is a learning curve. But once you grasp the concept it is easy to set up standard appplications. But docker is also very powerful. Lots of things to discover ...

  • impossible to install OMV from debian

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    During the installation you are asked what to install. Don't install any desktop environment.

  • Preparation --> follow the preparation steps in this [How-To] in CLI: - mkdir /home/docker1 create a folder for user docker1 in home directory (if not already done) - mkdir /home/docker1/plex create a folder where we will put the docker-compose.yml file to setup watchtower - cd /home/docker1/plex change in that directory - nano docker-compose.yml create an empty file and start the editor - copy the content of the Source Code box below in the editor, change according your setup and save the file …

  • Congratulation

  • Post some screenshots of your settings in docker.

  • You only need the first three posts in the thread to set up Plex in docker. There is also a video, if you prefer videos: Installation and Setup Videos - Beginning, Intermediate and Advanced

  • Docker manages many applications which used to be plugins (and others where there has never been a plugin). You need to set up every docker individually. Once setup you can use another docker like watchtower to update all the dockers. Different dockers have different ways to update, though.

  • Did you read the first 2 or 3 posts in the thread I linked (first one)?

  • Most likely a spotweb docker will include Nginx. So you only need to bind spotweb and Mysql or MariaDB. Problem seems to be your architecture. You need to find an image that is suitable for ARM.

  • Quote from mikebravo: “never change a running system ” I think that is only acceptable for isolated systems which have no interaction with the world around them.

  • As you already have a raid, you need it back working. After that you should really read a bit about raid and if you need it. Most likely not. OMV is using mdadm for the raid. You will find a lot how to assembly an existing raid in the internet. You need something like mdadm --assemble /dev/md0 /dev/sda /dev/sdb --force You need to adjust md0, sda, sdb according to your setup. Or you get rid of the raid right away 1. mount the filesystem that is visible and make sure you have access to all your d…