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  • Hello, if possible, i would like a button to empty the trash directly, in SMB/CiFS section or Filesystem. Actually, the only way from OMV Web UI is open SMB section, then Shares, then Edit shares then scrolling Edit Share Window then clicking on the loved button Empty Now -Edit Share Window is too small. Thanks.

  • Hi, after some OMV 4.x upgrades, and some fresh installs on different PCs, i can see on my network through win10 filebrowser my last "domain name" or "really old nas name". only SMB used. global option ntlm auth = yes for example, i set "workgroup" as domain name in "web ui/system/network section", and i can see "nas-genna.home" and also "NAS-Genna" in my filebrowser. Why ? new example: in OMV3, i created a new system named "NAS-OMV3", OMV3 on SSD. After reinstall OMV4 on new SSD (previous parti…

  • my system is OMV 4.1.22, new install. and works, except this error message in mail. Source Code (15 lines)chown --help works ! chown -R postfix /var/spool/postfix works, after deleting spaces and rewriting all the command (maybe some bad characters from paste) i will see thanks

  • Quote from ryecoaaron: “Quote from Genna: “As you can see, all my 4 systems seem similar, except username (root) or dates. ” Did you change the owner from root to the system name? This thread probably has your fix -…penmediavault-flushmailq/ ” I did not change anything. Thanks for the link, i have already read it before posting my message, but as my OMV 4.1.22 is completely new on a new SSD, i was not sure about the reason 'chown' command is unkown... lol why unkno…

  • Quote from ryecoaaron: “Quote from Genna: “what do i have to do or set ? ” what is the output of: ls -al /var/spool/ ” Hi, this is the 4 outputs of ls -al /var/spool/ 1st with email with error: Source Code (8 lines) 2nd system, without error: Source Code (8 lines)3d system, without error: Source Code (8 lines)4th system, without error: Source Code (8 lines) As you can see, all my 4 systems seem similar, except username (root) or dates. thanks

  • hello, i activate notifications, on my 4 systems, recently upgraded or reinstalled. The last one, which has been upgraded 3.0.99 > 4.1.22-1 sends to me an email with this error: Source Code (3 lines)what do i have to do or set ? thanks.

  • Quote from ryecoaaron: “Quote from Genna: “I only used omv extras, backup (what for?), and hpraid plugin. Before upgrade, i tried to uninstall all these 3 plug-ins. ” You only needed to uninstall the hpraid plugin since it doesn't exist on OMV 4.x. Quote from Genna: “Not sure that omv propose an easy way to do that. ” There is an uninstall button in the Plugin tab. Select the plugin(s) and click it is all that is required. Quote from Genna: “I always had some messages rpc... because plug-ins wer…

  • thanks again and always, Aaron, as your answers are limpid. About hpraid yes, uninstalled like you said to me few weeks or months ago. I really don't know what was wrong. But now, i know how to and what to do if it crash, I will upgrade my last one with upgrade command. Thanks a lot, Aaron , again

  • On 4 systems using omv, omv 3.0.99 -> 4.1 => 1 update/without issue, except errors in web interface, during a update check in update management section, fixed with a single reboot. 1 update with issues, fixed with changing sources.list (i copy the us repositories instead of fr, seen in openmediavault documentation) 1 update crashed omv. Web interface displayed All updates as it was a new 3.0. As i use a logical volume managed with an raid card, i get out my ssd, plugged it into my pc, deleted pa…

  • Quote from CarfRip: “Quote from ryecoaaron: “Quote from CarfRip: “should I upgrade to OMV4 with "apt-get dist-upgrade"? Sorry if I ask the obvious but I want to be sure of what I do... Thanks again! ” No. Look at my message "So you can run omv-release-upgrade" ” If I run omv-release-upgrade I receive "Command not found" ” On 3 OMV systems, exactly same setups, one upgrade was successfull, one not, but after modifying sources.list, works, and another one, my OMV3.0.99 crashed. For this last one, …

  • sorry, that 's why i said that. Not really evident. 7th question ??? nothing about upgrade or update never mind, it is what i feel about this forum, a lot of things very very nice, a excellent OMV solution, but to find out something straightly, it is not sure. not my 1st and not my last raid system. i like omv, and i use a lot of omv. it is same for omv-extra, openmediavault home page (not forum), links are not displayed or highlighted, if they are important. My feelings. Maybe i am alone in thi…

  • thanks, but not limpid on this forum. home page, nothing. we must search among a lot of messages. now, i know, thanks to you first time i see this : in OpenMediaVault FAQ . nothing too. it is the reason why i wrote this, it is not straight

  • Hi all, i added some text in SMB Global Options, for my old networked multimedia players: ntlm auth = yes to allow smb v1. my 1st OMV 4.x system is now ok. 2nd, upgrade/update in progress. another one (3.0.99) is broken, after a click on managment update (web interface), something was wrong, i can't start it... i ll check it next week ps: what i see on this forum, is a single fact: nothing is displayed about how to upgrade or update a version. The only way is to use search bar to see a user post…

  • Quote from ryecoaaron: “Quote from CarfRip: “Is there a way to fix the problem with upgrade? ” This should fix up your sources so you can run omv-release-upgrade:sed -Ei "s/(stable|oldstable|jessie)/stretch/g" /etc/apt/sources.list.d/* /etc/apt/sources.list ” Hi, this line sed -Ei "s/(stable|oldstable|jessie)/stretch/g" /etc/apt/sources.list.d/* /etc/apt/sources.listworks on my 3.0.99 OMV system, which displayed error when i ran omv-release-upgrade. then after, i just ran omv-release-upgrade and…

  • hi, it was last year,…x-4-x-Procedure/?pageNo=2 I Have a few Nas under omv 3.0.99, and i want to keep homogeneous installation on them. I can try, an 3.0.99 > 4.x upgrade but don't want loose anything, and not too much time, and yours too

  • Quote from tkaiser: “Quote from Genna: “same on my OMV 3.9, after an update, then, no more update ” 3.0.99 (Erasmus) Update issues ” the solution would be omv-release-upgrade ? is it what i understand ? thanks tkaiser smile.png

  • it seems that all 3.0xx users we are, must upgrade our old 3.xx to 4.x, if i understand what i read here or there, about jessie-updates. i am afraid of 4.x, because, last try i went back to 3.0.

  • Hi, same on my OMV 3.9, after an update, then, no more update. Fail to access to ftp... Source Code (1 line)version 3.0.99 (erasmus)

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    On my Gen8, i made 2 different setups from scratch. 1st one, with 4 x 4 TB HDD connected on th port, and 1 SSD (5th port, instead of CD/DVD drive). => OMV2, then OMV3 upgrade. Works fine. 2nd setup, with HP smartarray p410 card, and 4 HDD connected on it with miniSAS/SATA cables. The Same SSD but this time, connected on 1st SATA port of Motherboard. Works fine too.

  • HPE Proliant Servers

    Genna - - My NAS Build


    Hi, Connect only your SSD on your Gen8, then, activate in Bios, AHCI (not raid). Install OMV on the SSD. Restart. After that, OMV will boot on your SSD, without volume raid. Then, with OMV you will be able to create your volume.