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  • Quote from votdev: “Quote from macom: “Quote from votdev: “I really can’t understand why it is necessary to use blanks in filesystem labels or file names. ” Probably it is not necessary, but people do it if they are not aware it will cause problems. So maybe an error message when creating the label would help. At least in those cases where the label is added using OMV. ” The OMV UI does not allow blanks in filesystem labels since ages. ” With OMV4, I was able to work with this HDD, also with bla…

  • Hi @votdev, Confirmed. I changed the name to "4tb" instead "My Passport Blue" and now is working properly. Thanks very much.

  • OMV cannot Boot - Big Problem!

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    It will be good if you can give more info, about the OMV version and all steps that you did. I'm not an expert, and also I have problems with OMV5. I have "demo machine" where I can try to do the same as you did, but I need to know all. I assume that you boot your system from a USB Stick, right? Regards

  • Hi again @votdev, Last test that I can do it today: I installed OMV5 in another machine, where I has before OMV4 (Old Intel i7 Laptop with overheat issues). The issue is the same, something happens with the Western Digital My Passport 4Tb Hard Disk. - Who is the "bad guy"?: The Brand, The capacity The HDD Firmware, OMV5? This Model of Hard Disk was working properly with OMV4, tomorrow I will came back to OMV4 with the i7 to be sure. Error: Difference-File (1 line) More Details: Difference-File (…

  • Hi @votdev Well, more "bad News" . I came back to OMV5. I have another WD My Passport 4tb. Appears the same error message when I want to mount the HDD. (I will change also the title of this thread) Maybe is a incompatibility with this model of HDD? Thanks in advance.

  • Meanwhile some one will have any idea, I tried with OMV4, and result that my miniPC is nos compatible. The Ethernet board doesn't work, and thru Wireless I can't connect. Then I will come back to OMV5.

  • @votdev, here the info: Source Code (7 lines)

  • @votdev, the bad boy is: usb-WD_My_Passport Regards!

  • Quote from votdev: “Can you please post the output of Source Code (1 line) after the USB-HDD has been plugged in? ” Hi @votdev, I installed again all the system, but the issue is there. May be something wrong with the HDD?? But I can work with him under Windows 10 with no problems. Here you have the answer from the system: Difference-File (77 lines)Thanks for your time

  • Hi Team! I'm playing with OMV 5.0.5 ona Beelink MiniPC (Nuk type) with 8gb of RAM and booting the system from a USB 3.0 32Gb Stick, also, with an internal 2.5HDD and 2 external thru USB 3.0. I have some issues and I had to reinstall all 3 or 4 times. (I will start the 5th early) Now, All seems to be fine, I can access to the shared folders and also I installed a Portainer with Transmission without problems. But (the fatal "But") when I plug the second HDD via USB, and I tried to mount, the syste…