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  • Thank you, @Adoby. I was able to get the script working using your trick. At 3 AM, snapcript is run as root using this command: cd /usr/sbin && /bin/bash And then looks like this (may be overkill, but it works for me): Source Code (5 lines)

  • @Adoby, thanks for taking the time to respond. All of the scripts are located in /usr/sbin. I just looked again and didn't notice any reference to /usr/bin, if you could point that out I will correct it. To be honest, I don't know anything about the "proper" location for scripts so I just put them in the location of the SnapRaid plugin's script (that I am not currently using). The Scheduled job is set up as:…bd917e03c0c690c20e831ea36 It appears that OMV takes this …

  • Recently, I began using a third-party SnapRAID script in place of the one packaged with the SnapRAID plugin. I used this on its own, called at 2AM through a Scheduled Job, for a week or so, until it began failing due to not having enough available memory. I realized that shutting down all my Docker containers freed up sufficient memory for the script to run, so I am now attempting to automate the whole process. I have created a "master" script that executes three individual scripts to shut down …

  • After rebooting the server, same behavior returned, and disabling quotas again fixed the issue. Again, can anybody advise on how to permanently disable quotas that will persist through a reboot?

  • Well, I spoke to soon, because NZBGet has begun reporting the "out of space" errors again. Will have to do some more digging. Edit: Upon more research, disk quotas seem to be the issue. I have never established any quotas since installing OMV, but I noticed NZBGet throwing an error regarding exceeding disk quotas. So, I disabled them using sudo quotaoff -a and re-ran a few downloads that had immediately before been unable to unpack. This time, all three separate downloads unpacked successfully. …

  • @trapexit I played around in the terminal trying to figure out a command that would cause an error and had no luck. Moves, copies, unpacking, etc. all worked fine, and the issues continued to be experienced only within Docker containers. For the containers that were affected, I removed the mapping of a storage container and mapped the path instead, and it seems the problem may be resolved (at least for now, I have been downloading new media for a couple of days without issue). So either the Dock…

  • I corrected the fstab entry in the previous post here.

  • Quote from gderf: “Your post of the fstab entry is truncated. Don't use nano for this, try cat instead ” Whoops, edited. And this wouldn't fit in my previous post. Source Code (111 lines)

  • Thank you @trapexit. I didn't want to waste your time pouring through my data if I found another culprit. However, so far, I've been unable to make any progress, so here we are: I am not sure how to run strace on a Docker container that's running and resulting in these errors. Any simple command I could run in terminal that could be traced instead? Source Code (9 lines)Source Code (3 lines)Source Code (22 lines)Source Code (3 lines)

  • Quote from trapexit: “> I can't seem to find instructions for capturing info in the mergerfs docs > it appears as though data has begun accumulating on disk a4 The drives seem to have similar % usage. Regardless... if it's going to one drive then it's probably due to your config (path preservation or a policy which is targeting that branch). ” I just deleted and re-created a new mergerfs pool again, and immediately after m…

  • Quote from trapexit: “Unfortunately, there is nothing I can do without additional information. If it's saying you're out of space then something is returning that. The only time mergerfs explicitly returns ENOSPC is when all drives become filtered and at least one reason was minfreespace. Next time an error occurs please gather the information as mentioned in the docs or at least `df -h`. ” I must be overlooking something because I can't seem to find instructions for capturing info in the merger…

  • Quote from trapexit: “The recreation "fixing" the issue doesn't make sense. mergerfs doesn't interact with your data. It's a proxy / overlay. Could you provide the settings you're using? It's really not possible to comment further without such details. Are you using the drives out of band of mergerfs? Are drives filling? ” Thanks for chiming in. It doesn't make sense to me, either, but I'm not sure what else could be the cause. The drives are used ONLY in context of the pool, nothing writes data…

  • I've made a MergerFS pool that spans the entire size of 8 drives. In this pool is a single parent folder called "Share," under which all my storage and media files reside in sub-folders. This "Share" folder is mapped as an SMB share, and it is also mapped to a Docker storage container to which my other Docker containers have access. I did a fresh install of OMV 4.x about a month ago and recreated this setup. After about a week, I noticed that my NZBGet container was giving Unrar errors indicatin…

  • You have to either exclude those particular files from being backed up or stop the files from changing during the SnapRAID sync process (shut down those processes until the sync is done, then start them again).

  • OMV4 plex error playback

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    Quote from Sseven: “Quote from TechnoDadLife: “If you are transcoding and using a docker, then check out the Plex problems video. Fix Plex and OpenVPN-as Problems by Removing Noexec on Openmediavault ” i edited that "noexec" part of code before i even posted here, with no changes, after restart was the same (and yes i did check if the changes were made) PS: while editing 'noexec' i found that code was present on all my HDD, so even if i delete from all HDD, i had same problem ” Can you show us s…

  • Quote from raulfg3: “you can add to list svenihoney/wetty as replacement of shellinabox = docker = works better than shellinabox ” I've been wondering how those two compare. What is better about wetty?

  • OMV4 plex error playback

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    Is Plex installed with the plugin or in Docker? If Docker, is it installed on your system drive?

  • DOCKER - LIBRESONIC - No media file

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    Have you tried viewing and, if necessary, changing the permissions on your music folder? The resetperms add-on makes this very simple to do from the OMV web UI.

  • Change label of disk

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    Quote from votdev: “Better DO NOT USE filesystem labels. ” Is there a different system you'd recommend? All my data disks contain one partition of max size, and I use the filesystem label to indicate where the drive is physically in my case (A1 is top row, first column, C3 is third row, third column, etc.).

  • Quote from exclusive213: “I have to do this even in the root directory where OMV4 is installed? ” Nope, only non-system drives. I am using a second SSD which I use for some tasks, and this was the drive from which I needed to remove the "noexec" argument.